Tuesday, February 14, 2017

(98) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

Lenny looks at Pete. "You don't smell like a ghoul, despite telling me you're his lover."

Pete snorts. "Why do all of you assume that because I have a Vampyre lover I must be a ghoul? He's never even suggested that he drink from us, as much as we might want him to."

"We? How many of you are there? And why would you want him to unless..." Lenny's eyes spark with understanding. "You want to be blood bound to him. Not as his ghouls but as more."

"Yeah." Pete nods as he glances at Del, perched on the arm of the sofa listening. He looks back at Lenny. "And there are only two of us." He chuckles. "Though some people would think that's one too many."

"Most humans would think it's two too many." Lenny shakes his head in indignation. "What do you think you will get from a blood bond?"

"Well, better sex for one thing." Pete grins then sobers. "There are stories of what it can mean, most of which are probably fairy tales. But to be honest, all either of us want is the total commitment from him that he's been unwilling to give."

"Pete!" Del looks at him in surprise. "You don't think he's committed? From what I've seen you're dead wrong."

"I know he loves us, Del. But if we bond with him it becomes deeper than love."

Lenny nods. "You will become more aware of all of his emotions. You will know when he's in trouble or in pain and the same for him. He'll know where you are at all times and will come to you if you need him. You will also gain strength and become more attractive to other humans. You'll be healthier and heal faster. But be aware, Pete, you will also crave the taste of his blood and will sicken if you go too long without it. If he dies, then in time so will you from lack of it. Being blood bound is not something to take lightly. It's not to be used as an aphrodisiac."

"If he dies, why would I want to keep living? I love him."

"For Mychael." Del gives him a 'duh' look.

"He has a valid point, since there are three of you involved." Lenny frowns. "Are you hoping he will eventually turn you?"

"Hell no! I've seen what his life is like. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy."

Lenny laughs. "It's not all bad. There are perks, as I'm sure you're aware. But like you, I really wouldn't wish it on any but my worst enemies."

Del gets up. Goes to the window to look out. "Where is he?"

"Patience, Del, sometimes it's late before he returns."

He turns. "Does he know what you are?"


  1. Lord have mercy was this shorter than the others? lol I know not be dangum I wanted to read more. Happy hump day

    1. May it was, maybe it wasn't -shrugging-
      Happy hump day to you.