Friday, February 10, 2017

(96) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

Lenny watches from the depths of the trees. Evening. Sun nearly set. The sound of the cycle alerts him. Company coming but why?

It comes into view. Blonde male driving with a real skinny kid, from what he can see, behind him. They stop at the edge of the clearing.

His guest is gone at the moment. The one who named himself George. He had taken to hiking. Long walks. Trying to piece together flashes of memory but failing so far.

He listens as the couple talks quietly. But not so quietly that he can't hear them.

"After this we're going back," the blonde man says. "If he's not here we'll start again tomorrow."

The kid nods. "I'm not giving up, Pete."

The man pats his shoulder. Shakes his head. "I'm not expecting you to. I wouldn't if it was Vik missing, or Mychael. Someone has to know something."

They start towards the cabin.

Lenny steps silently towards them. Intercepting them.

"This is private property."

"We just have a question," the man says. "We're looking for a friend who's gone missing. We're very sure he had an accident and that someone found him."

"And didn't take him to the hospital?" Lenny raises an eyebrow questioningly.

The kid speaks up. "Have you seen him, or heard anyone talk about finding him. Please, it's important. If you have..."

"Who are you to this man?"

"We told you, friends," the man says, scowling. "All we want is to know where he is and if he's all right."

Lenny looks him over. "You look like a cop to me, so even if I had seen him, which I haven't, I for sure wouldn't be telling you."

"Me, a cop?" The man snorts in derision. "Far from it, buddy. Real far from it. I'm just helping Del here look for him."

"Why should I believe that?" Lenny crosses his arms over his chest. Stares hard at the man.

"He's here, isn't he, or was." The kid's eyes flick around. Looking for signs. Lenny sees he's not really a kid. Just looks like one, because of his size.

"Was, but he's not here now." Lenny says. Not a lie but not the truth either.


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