Monday, February 6, 2017

(94) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir


"Logic dictates he went off the highway south of here," Pete said as we pulled out of Lecompte. When I asked why he explained, "North by much, and whoever snagged his bike would have headed up to Alexandria to sell the parts because it's a real city. Or I would have if it'd been me."

"How are we going to find the spot?"

"We'll start with any places the road curves significantly. If he was tired, he may not have seen it until too late."

"Like there?" I pointed to a place a few hundreds yards ahead of us.


Pulling the bike on to the shoulder he climbed off, going to the edge to look down. "If it was here, there's nothing to show for it but I'll go down closer just in case."

A few minutes later he came back, shaking his head. I nodded. It would have been too easy, finding it on the first stop, though I had hoped.

We continued slowly down the highway, staying as close to the edge as possible. Two more stops, with no better results than the first one, and I was starting to wonder if we were on the wrong track. Pete must have been of the same opinion, because he pulled up to a spot where a side road entered the highway, telling me after this one we might just try walking the length back to Lecompte.

"At least," he pointed out as he got off the bike yet again, "we only have to check one side, since we can presume he was on his way back home when the accident happened, from the timeframe of the punks stopping at the scrap yard."

I watched as he stepped to the edge of the embankment.

"Let's hope it wasn't here, the river runs real close. If he ended up in it," he shook his head as he climbed down the embankment. A minute later he was back. "We may have lift off."

I shuddered. After what he'd said moments ago, I didn't like that idea at all. He moved the bike as close to the side of the road as possible, locked it, and I followed him down.

"Look there." He pointed.

I could see what he meant. A few feet from the edge of the river the rocks were torn up. Some of them scraped and others with the dirt side up. He nodded towards the embankment and I could see where something had been dragged up it.