Wednesday, January 25, 2017

(88) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir


Mychael leaned back, looking at me. "Does he have and use credit cards?"

I had to think about that. Most times when we went out, Trev paid in cash but... "Yes, I know he does because he bought a couple of my paintings with one."

"I don't suppose you know if it's in his name, or even better does he keep receipts?"

"Gods, Mychael, I don't have a clue. If he does, they're at his place."

"Do you have a key, Del," Pete asked.

"Sure. Why? Oh, you're going to look?"

"No, I just wanted to add it to my collection." He grinned, holding out his hand. "Any particular place I should be searching? A desk, a lockbox?"

"The desk probably. Oh." A thought occurred to me. "Or in his closet. I've seen him get stuff from there, like his gun, so maybe there's a safe or something."

"Good deal. I'll be back soon. Meanwhile you something." Pete laughed as he left.

"Is he usually that cheerful," I asked.

Both men grinned. "Only when he gets to do something at least vaguely illegal that won't get him dead in the process," Vik replied. "Or when, umm, well never mind on that. Back to Trev. Does he have any friends you know of that he might have told where he was going?"

I arched an eyebrow in amusement at the 'never mind' then shook my head at his question. "As far as I know only the four of us are his friends here in town. Well and Dagger but I don't think he counts."

"Dagger? Trev has a pet I take it, unless he's naming his weapons."

"Dagger's a ferret that a friend gave him. Cute as a button but Trev wouldn't let me name him that. So, anyways, that's it on the friends list, I'm afraid." I frowned. "That's rather sad when you think about it."

"Yeah, it is but given what he does, it's not too surprising. How about out of town? Anyone you can think of? Because it's possible that was the one who called him."

"There's another Dhampir named Daniel, I think, but honestly Vik I doubt it was him, because Trev would have said so. He knows I know the name. Besides, even if it was I don't know where he lives." I was getting closer to tears with each question he asked, realizing how little I knew about Trev and that none of it was any help.

Vik must have known how I felt because he gave me a hug, saying, "We were just about to grill some steaks when you called. Why don't you come help? It'll help take your mind off things for bit, until Pete gets back."