Monday, January 23, 2017

(87) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir


"So I'm worried, Vik." I'd called him because he was the only person I knew who knew Trev.

"When was the last time you saw him, Del?"

"Three, no four days ago. He was going off to help a friend with...well you know." I hated saying it because Vik was a Vampyre too, even though he was the only one Trev had any trust for.

Vik chuckled softly. "I know he hunts Vampyres, Del. But why are you worried? That's not such a long time if he went out of town."

"Because I can't raise him on his cell. He always answers, or texts back if he's too busy or...or can't talk. Except of course when he was in Chicago and in trouble there."

"That's what you're afraid of isn't it, that he's run into another one like Dalca."

"That or..." I bit my lip. "Vik, he's afraid now. What if that made him loose his edge and whoever he was after got the best of him?"

Vik sighed. "Del, why don't you come over? It'll be easier to talk about this face to face."

"Then you think..." I could feel my heart drop to my shoes.

"I don't know what to think, which is why I want you here." He gave me his address and we hung up.

Twenty minutes later Pete was letting me into their house. He gave my shoulder a squeeze, telling me things were going to be okay. Vik greeted me, nodding to the space on the sofa beside him.

Once I was seated he asked me to tell him everything I knew—so I did, as little as it was.

"He didn't even give you a hint where he was headed?" Vik asked when I'd finished.

"No. He said it would take him less than a day to get there though. So, since he was on his bike, how far away could it be?"

Pete laughed. "Knowing him, he probably rides all out, Del, so it could be quite far."

"Let's see if we can at least get a range," Mychael said, getting up from where he'd been sitting across from us to go to their computer. "Did he leave in the morning, Del?"

"Umm hmm. Early, a bit after seven."

"Alright. Presuming he wanted to get where he was going by mid afternoon, which I think is logical, that would be at the most an eight hour ride. So..." he studied the map he'd pulled up, "Austin, Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis, Atlanta, Tallahassee, or any points in-between. That's a lot of area to cover to look for him unless we can narrow it down some."