Saturday, January 21, 2017

(86) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

"Bad news boy," Lenny tells him, "Nothing there. Guess scavengers got there before me. Hope you weren't carrying much in the way of cash or cards."

He shrugs slightly. "No clue."

"You hungry boy?"

He thinks on that. Nods.

"OK. I gotta a bit of time still to fix you something. Eggs and ham do you?"

"Yeah. Sounds good. Got any more of those aspirin to go with it?"

Lenny chuckles. "Sure do." Steps out of view. Comes back soon with them and a fresh bottle of water. "Need help sitting up?"

"Yeah. Please."

Lenny gets him more or less upright. He was right. There is a kitchen of sorts. He takes the pills. Watches as Lenny cooks. It smells good. He realizes he's starving.

Lenny brings in a plate heaped with scrambled eggs, thick slices of ham, and toast. "Think you can feed yourself?" Placing the plate on his guest's lap.

"Hope so." He cracks a small smile. "At least the eggs, with a spoon."

"Ahh, hell. Hang on." Lenny takes back the plate. Cuts up the ham in small pieces. "Better?"

"Yeah, thanks." He eats slowly. His jaw aches like he's been punched. He guesses in a way he has been. By the bike or the ground. "You're not eating?"

"Naw. Not hungry right now. Maybe later." 

When he's finished eating, Lenny takes the plate and silverware. Washes them up. Puts them away. Then comes back.

"Time for you to sleep again," he says. "Your eyes are at half-mast." He helps his guest lie down again. Says, "I'd offer you my bed but I don't really want to move you yet. The sofa's comfortable. Many a time I've fallen asleep on it while reading."

He nods. "This is fine. I don't want to be any more trouble than I have been."

"You ain't no trouble boy. It's nice to have someone to talk to. I'm pretty much of a loner truth be told." Lenny goes to the door. Locks and bars it. When his guest looks surprised at that he smiles tightly. "Out here in the boonies it pays to be careful. Never know who might want to see what's in here worth taking. Now you sleep. Oh, wait, you need to use the facilities?"

"Yeah. But not sure..."

Lenny laughs. "I'll get you there but then you're on your own." Helps him up carefully. Trying not to joggle him too much.

He realizes then what he's wearing can't be his own clothes. Sweat pants too long in the legs. The shirt too large. "My clothes..." he asks.

"Other than the coat, which ain't it that great a shape itself, the rest are in the trash. Blood is not a fashion statement."

Lenny gets him to the bathroom. "Holler when you're done."

There's a small mirror. He looks at himself. Winces. What he can see looks like he'd crashed yeah. But... Pulling down the sweats to use the john he sees huge bruises turning yellowish now on his legs and thighs. He frowns. Lenny had said the accident had happened less than twelve hours before. Probably. He should look worse. Maybe it wasn't as bad as Lenny thinks.  

When he's finished Lenny helps him back to the sofa. He realizes he's moving not too badly, considering. Not ready to do it on his own but it doesn't hurt as bad as he expected.

"Those must be some hellish strong aspirin," he says.

Lenny shrugs. "Could be. Now you sleep. I'll wake you come evening."

"Evening?" He looks surprised.

"Yep. You slept most of the night through. But you needed to, to heal." He turns out the light. Goes to the second door. "I sleep heavy, and armed, just in case. So don't come barging in if you wake up early. Help yourself to food, not that there's that much. I don't get many visitors."

"You don't..."

Lenny holds up his hand to stop him. "We'll talk tonight if you're up to it. Right now, I'm bushed and need my sleep."

He nods. Watches the man go into his bedroom and close the door. Tries to get comfortable. Slowly drifts off to sleep again.


  1. Hhhoooolllyyyyy SHIT!!! A vampyre is taking care of him JHC! Or ya know I think lol but still have a hinky feeling not sure why I am shrugging my shoulders