Tuesday, January 17, 2017

(84) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

"Did you do it, did you kill the bastard?" The man looks at me. Hope and something else in his eyes. Gloating I think.

I nod once. Walk past him. Go to get my things. He follows.

"Tell me about it. I want to know how the son of a bitch died."

I turn. Look at him. "He died easily, peacefully. I killed a good man to satisfy your hatred. Someone who deserved to live, to love. Not to die because you despised what he was." I glare at him. "He was a Vampyre but you didn't really know that did you? All you knew was that he loved your son. And because you can't accept that, a decent man is dead. And I killed him."

I push past him and walk to the door. Leave. Closing it sharply behind me. I know my words won't change him.

I ride slowly out of town. Try not to think of what I did. But the woman's words come back. That Alan always knew the ones he killed deserved it.

"Deserved it." The words echo in my mind.

Hitting the highway. I open up the bike. Try to let the wind and the speed wipe away my thoughts.

All my life I've believed in one thing. Vampyres are evil. The bastards deserve to die. Until recently nothing has proven me wrong.

Now I question.

I think of Alan. Of Vik. Of what I did and what I almost did. I believe the woman. Her words rang with truth. Known truth. Not just faith. Vik? I have come to see he's a good man too. A Vampyre with a soul. Like Alan.

Have I destroyed ones like them before? Have I become what I hate most? A creature that kills without remorse. That kills all, deserved or not. The thought stuns me. Tears at me.

That Vik is...human in his morality. Humane. I've accepted that. Thinking him unique among his kind. Now Alan. Like Vik in so many ways. How many more have fallen to my sword? Fallen because I hate. Hate the way the man did. Both of us blinded by our beliefs.

I should go back. Beg forgiveness from the woman. From the boy. Forgiveness I don't deserve.

But I don't.

The wind rips at me. Blinds me with its fury as I race down the highway. Unseeing. Lost in my guilt.


  1. Unseeing on a freaking motorcycle?? DDUUDDEEE I hope it is on a lonely stretch on highway!! He and Vik may need to become Frenemies! And hunt down bad one together. here I go again,,blah! You are so impressive in your writing abilities! Hugs