Monday, January 9, 2017

(80) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

"You've never seen the man before dark?" I ask.

"Well, yeah. I see him in the evenings. I'm not big on taking my walks when it's really nighttime. Not since the last time we met, Trevor. That scared me into being real careful."

It better have. I saved him from one of the bastards a few years ago. Now he knows. Has my number of course. And used it yesterday.

"Before dark?"

He nods. Says, "Does that mean he's ancient?"

"Well old at least. But never during the day?"

"Naw. But around here that's not unusual. Most of the men around here work in town or commute to the city. This is pretty much a bedroom community except for us old-timers. So now what? You gonna take him out? Can I help?" His eyes gleam in anticipation.

"No." Said firmly. "You can not help."

His face falls but he nods. Understands—I hope.

"First off, I have to check him out. As long as I'm here I want to find out if he has any friends, though probably not. Vampyres tend to be very territorial but you never know. Have you seen anyone else around his place other than him?"

He thinks. Starts to shake his head. Stops. "Yeah, once. I was putting out the trash and there's this kinda pretty lady doing the same behind his place. She saw me and hurried back inside. I forgot about her. You think maybe she's his slave or something."

"They're called ghouls, and it's possible."

"See. Now you really have to off him so she can be free." There's a gleeful look on his face. Like this is some kind of game. Save the beauty. Kill the Vampyre. She lives happily ever after. I suppose to him it is. That and revenge for what almost happened to him.

He glances out the window. Jumps up. "Come on. It's late enough. Let's go for a walk and if he's outside I'll introduce you to him. You can be my nephew come to visit."

Tell him no. Don't want the Vampyre to know I'm here. Stealth, not openness.


  1. Love the old feller. He wants to do something exciting. Can Trev do invisibility? He could follow if so but no if he could do that he would have done it a while ago instead of getting captured
    love it sweet! hugs have a good monday

  2. Back at you...have a great Monday. -hugs-