Tuesday, January 3, 2017

(77) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

My cell dings. I slip out of bed. Walking into the living room as I answer it. Hoping the ringing doesn't wake Del.

"Wallace here."

Listen for a long minute.

"Where are you now? Yeah, sure. I can be there by tomorrow at the latest."

Hang up. Flop down on the sofa. Thinking.

I care for Del. A lot. But this whole domestic thing. It's taking its toll. I need action. A real life. The life I'm supposed to be living. That I was living. Before... Frowning. Sure I've taken out a couple of the bastards. A couple in what? A month maybe?

Now that we're...whatever we are now. He doesn't say he doesn't want me out there. Risking my life. But… He let's me know by his attitude when he isn't happy.

Like now.

I hear him come into the room. Look up. He pads over softly. Smiling.

"You're up early." Said as he settles in my lap. Giving me a kiss.

Okay. I kiss him back. Like I said. I care about him.

"Is something wrong baby?"

Intuition. Or whatever.

"No, it's all good." Smiling at him. "But I have to go out of town for a while on a job."

"Baby, you promised."

Frowning. "When did I promise? Hell, what did I promise?" This I don't remember.

"Well not in so many words." He strokes a hand through my hair. Knows what that does. "But I thought that, you know, that you weren't going to do that so much. Not after what happened in Chicago. They almost killed you damn it."

"So I should back off and play dead? Let them feed and kill to their heart's content." I'm getting pissed now. At Del. At them. At what happened to me. Cause in a way he's right. But not like he thinks.


  1. Thank goddesses that it isn't ending I am so involved with this story I look forward to reading it! And holy glass slippers don't say anything that can't be unsaid. He has a job and yup it is dangerous but Trev will have to be the one to let it go and say he had enough and maybe become a teacher and let a younger crowd take over.

    1. All very true. We'll see if that's what happens.