Friday, December 30, 2016

(75) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir


Trev understood what I had said. “Then we’ll have to make this the first time, won’t we?” He dropped his head, taking my mouth in a long slow kiss. Then he moved down, sucking my cock into his mouth.

Pulling back after a moment, he smiled. “Just relax, Del. Relax and let your body enjoy my loving it.” He continued sucking and licking.

I tried to do as he said, but how could I when he was making me tremble with a need I knew could never be fulfilled. Slowly he increased his ministrations, teasing, licking, suckling me until I was on fire. With the pads of his thumbs, he gently rubbed my nipples. I was moaning, my breath catching in my throat. The sensations were like none I’d ever felt before. Then he released me just long enough to wet one finger. I gasped he slid his hand under me, circling my entrance with that finger, then easing it in as deeply as possible---groaning low when I arched up. It touched something and shock waves of pleasure hit me. I screamed out as my body shook uncontrollably with the first orgasm I’d ever had.

When I finally came down I whispered, “I never knew…”

He smiled down at me for a moment. “Now you do, my boy.” His lips touched mine and I opened to him, this time taking his mouth with a frenzied hunger for him that shocked me. Just the kiss had me wanting more, wanting what he’d given me again, wanting him again but this time all of him. I tasted myself on his lips, on his tongue and wanted his taste on mine.

I laughed giddily as I pushed him back, putting my hands on his shoulders to make him lay back on the bed. I quickly undid his jeans, catching his engorged shaft in my hand when it sprang free, using my other hand to push his jeans down over his hips. “My turn,” I told him, once he’d finished the job, kicking them off onto the floor.

I licked slowly up his cock then down again, over and over until he was growling with need. Taking the head into my mouth I sucked hard and traced my tongue over the leaking tip, tasting the salty essence of his pre cum. I could hear him saying my name over and over again, begging me for more. I stopped, looking up at him, grinning wickedly. “I’m not nearly done yet. You took your time with me, I’m going to do the same for you.”

“Gods, Del, I can’t take much more.” He was so hard and pulsing I knew he was right. But I was still going to give as good as I got for as long as I could keep him riding that edge.

I bent back down, taking his heavy sac into my mouth, rolling his balls with my tongue while stroking my finger over his perineum. He swore long and low, begging me to stop my teasing. I relented, straddling him, holding his rampant shaft in my hand. He watched me, then reached for something, tearing the packet open, handing me a condom. I smiled as I rolled it over his shaft. Then I took the tube, when he gave it to me. He lifted his legs, and once I'd lubed his cock, I lowered myself onto it. It hurt—at first—and he gripped my hips, whispering, "Slowly. Slowly."

Amazed, I realized that my body was once again on fire with need for him. Real need that this time I knew would be answered. As I began to ride him he gripped me, his hand wrapped tightly around my erection. I threw back my head, my moans matching his. We moved together, matching stroke for stroke then with a shout he came and I joined him seconds later.

After what seemed like both forever and too short a time I came down, falling forward onto his chest as we both fought to catch our breaths. He wrapped his arms around me as I tucked my face into the crook of his neck.

“See, Del,” he said softly, “all you needed was someone who cared.”

I twisted my head to look up at him. “And I think I’ve found him.”

He smiled. “You have.”


  1. Goddess but you can write some amazing scenes! Happy New Year to you thank you for the wonderful installment!

    1. Thank YOU for the compliment. Have a Happy New Year, too!