Monday, December 26, 2016

(73) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

I fucking hurt. Everywhere. Now I know how my father must have felt. Makes me better able to tolerate it. Thinking that. How much I’d hurt the bastard.

I try to get up. Mychael helps though he doesn’t want to. “You shouldn’t move.” Scowling.

“Screw that. I want a piece of that son of a bitch.” Damn. Pain everywhere. Stagger. “Coat,” I order. He helps me get it on.

I see Dalca then. No one else can. Limp to join Vik. “There.” Said under my breath with a minute nod towards the corner.

Vik acknowledges with a fast glance in that direction. Whispers, “Still?”

Another nod. “Coward’s watching only.”

He turns away as if looking for more enemies. Pete has picked up on it. Does the same. “Protect him.” Telling Mychael. Nodding at me.

I’m feeling better. Healing now. Hold out my hand. Mychael still scowling. But gives me a gun. I lean on him. Watching. Raise the gun and fire.

Not my best shot ever. But it hits Dalca. Just low. His eyes widen as he grabs his gut. He becomes visible. 

I grin mirthlessly.

Vik swivels at the sound. Sees Dalca. Set a Vampyre to kill a Vampyre. Before Dalca can straighten he’s lost his head. And that’s all she wrote as the saying goes.

Well almost. A couple of the other Vampyres realize what’s happened. Flee like scared rabbits. Two disintegrate immediately. Must have been his Children. Those that fight on, die at the hands of Larkin and his men.

It’s finished now. Larkin comes over. High fives me. Grinning. “We won.”

“Thanks to you.”

“And you and your friends. We’d never have found him without your help.”

Vik joins us. Dressed now more or less. “We’ll celebrate later.”

Larkin looks up at him. Smiles just a bit. “Never thought I’d say this to a Vampyre, but you done good.”

He nods. “We aren’t all bad, whether you believe it or not. But I need to leave.”

“We all do,” Pete says.

“Him especially though.” I feel the tug of dawn even though it doesn’t affect me.

Larkin gets it. Thanks us again. Vik hands me my sword. I sheath it. Wincing. Still feeling the aftermath of Dalca’s game.

We leave.

I wonder what someone will think when they find that place. Mychael insists we leave the doors open so they can. I agree. One less place for the bastards to hide.


  1. Good goddess thank you so much that was extraordinarily amazing

    1. You're very welcome. I'm glad it's being enjoyed.

  2. I have really ben enjoying this. Thanks somuch