Sunday, December 18, 2016

(69) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

“No way we’re getting through there,” Pete growled as he watched the gate close behind car carrying Vik and Trevor. “It’ll have more alarms than Fort Knox.” He did a U-turn heading back up to State Street. “Call in the troops. Now. The building they’re in has to be…” Pete pulled to a halt on State Street to study them. “That one. Tell them get their asses here on the double. I don’t care if they have to break every speed limit, I have a feeling things are going south real fast for Vik and Wallace.”

Mychael shook his head but did as ordered, while Pete found a place to park. Then they walked to the front of the building. From the outside it looked like a typical office building with a couple of eateries on the ground floor.

“Wait,” Pete said before pushing the entrance door open.

“Call. Wait. Bossy man,” Mychael muttered, but he did, leaning back against the wall as he scanned the area for anything they should be aware of.

Pete was back in under two minutes. “Found the stairs down. They lead to the basement but that’s all. There has to be another way other than that gate on Wacker.”

“My turn,” Mychael replied, heading inside before Pete could stop him.

Pete growled to himself, taking up Mychael’s spot on the wall. He frowned when he saw a patrol car speed down the street and slam to a stop. Four men tumbled out, looking around before spotting him. One of them walked over.

“You Mychael or Pete,” he asked without preamble.

“Pete, and you are?”

“Frank Larkin, your go-between. We have a dozen more on their way. Should be here within minutes. We’ve been waiting for your call. Where’s Trevor? Inside already?”

“Yeah, and a prisoner as per the plan. What’s with the cop car?”

“I have friends who know about Vampyres and want them eradicated. All of them.”

Pete frowned. “There’s one in there that’s not up for grabs. Didn’t Wallace tell you?”

“Yeah, so I guess if you point him out we’ll leave him be.”

Pushing a finger into Larkin’s chest Pete growled, “No guessing. He lives or you die. End of story.”

Larkin would have said something but just then two more cars pulled up, dumping out another nine men. From what Pete could tell they were armed to the teeth and the looks on their faces said they were ready to do battle.

“What kind of ammo,” he asked.

“Only the best, silver, as are the blades of the knives.”

“Got it!” Mychael said, and then pulled to a stop seeing all the men.

“Then let’s get with the program, you lead we’ll follow.”


  1. Yyyeeesssss blood and guts will be spilled can't wait!!!!! And brains on the wall and ceiling it is gonna be great! Loving you so much