Friday, December 16, 2016

(68) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

“Welcome,” a voice said from the back of the long room. Then Dalca stepped into view. He was an imposing figure even if he was an inch or two shorter than Vik. There was a timeless regality about him that spoke to his age, and that he was an elder if not an ancient. Vik felt that immediately.

The Vampyre holding Trevor bowed his head for a moment before thrusting Trevor forward. “I have a present for you, Dalca. A Dhampir.” He yanked on Trevor’s bound arms, forcing him to the floor in front of Dalca.

Dalca smiled coldly as he looked down at Trevor and then at Vik. “And this other,” he questioned.

“The one who captured the Dhampir and gave him to me. I would have kept the Dhampir but I thought you might enjoy playing with him before you eliminate him.”

“That was not part of the bargain,” Vik growled.

“There was no ‘bargain’,” the lesser Vampyre said with a grin. “This one,” he grabbed Trevor’s hair, pulling his head back, “was mine and now he’s Dalca’s. You lose.”

“They both lose,” Dalca said. “Young One your shields are excellent for one your age but not totally impervious to one as old as I. I do not know details, but I do know that this Dhampir is a friend of yours, not a foe. Whatever trap you thought you were setting for me is foiled.”

Dalca turned to the Vampyres standing at attention along one wall of the room. “Take them both to the dungeon, as well as the fool who brought them here.”

“No, Master please, I didn’t know.” Dalca’s underling dropped to his knees in supplication.

Dalca just smiled as his Vampyres stepped forward. When they had all three in hand, he stepped up to Trevor. “If you had come alone, foolish Dhampir, you might have succeeded. I hear you are quite clever. Yes,” he grinned when Trevor looked at him in surprise, “I know who you are. I know of all those of your kind who hunt us. Now you and you friend will suffer greatly. I love playing with my captives. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before you beg for death.”

“Never,” Trevor hissed.

“Never say never. They all do in the end.” Dalca waved his hand. “Take them away.”


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    1. You are so amusing sometimes. I'm glad you're still involved in the story.