Wednesday, December 14, 2016

(67) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

The drive north to the city was done swiftly. When they got onto State Street Vik asked how much further. The Vampyre turned to look back at him, grinning. “In a hurry to get rid of your prisoner?”

Vik shrugged. “He’s neither here nor there actually, just an added treat. I’m more interested in getting this over with and passing on the bit of information I have for your boss, so I can get back to my own life.”

“You’re in luck, we’re almost there.” The Vampyre’s face hinted that he was more than looking forward to what was to come.

A slight shift from Trevor caused Vik to glance at him. Trevor tipped his head back slightly, which Vik took to be a question about whether Mychael and Pete were still following. He moved enough so that he could check the side mirrors then nodded once. He saw a bike darting in and out of traffic behind them, Trevor’s bike in point of fact, as they’d arranged. He’d spotted it a couple of other times, and then it had vanished. He had to give Pete kudos, the man knew what he was doing when it came to tailing. He just hoped neither the Vampyre nor his driver realized it was the same bike each time it appeared.

At a traffic light the car stopped, waiting, then the driver turned right onto Wacker Drive, taking the lane to the lower level. He slowed, touching a button on the dash, then made a quick turn left off the Drive when a gate slid open. Seconds later it was closed again behind them. They were in a small, enclosed space that held three other cars. Ahead was a door marked with a faded sign indicating it was, or had been, part of a fallout shelter from the 1950’s. 

After they’d parked, the driver opened the back door, waiting for Vik to get out. The Vampyre did the same on the other side, dragging Trevor out then slamming the door. He smiled slightly at Vik over the top of the car.

“Sorry for the change of plans but this one is mine now until I turn him over to Dalca.”

Vik scowled, taking a step towards him only to be stopped by the driver who pressed the barrel of his gun against his chest. Vik looked down, tempted to take it away, which he could have easily. But he knew that would only blow the whole gig. He looked at the man, resignation in his face as if he was ceding to the moment. His only worry right now was how Pete and Mychael would find them. He hoped they would enter what he assumed was the building that the door led to and find their way down. And with Trevor’s people in tow. If not, then he and Trevor were in deep trouble.

The driver moved behind him, now pressing the gun into his back as he steered him towards the door. The Vampyre had a firm grip on Trevor as he moved to join them.


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