Thursday, December 8, 2016

(64) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

Vik awoke instantly, seeing the waning rays of the sun against the shade and drawn curtains. Another day in Paradise. He chuckled before his senses picked up the presence of someone else in the house beside those who belonged there. “What the hell,” he muttered as he quickly dressed.

Going down the stairs he stopped three from the bottom when he saw the familiar shape of his past nemesis, and now sort of friend, sitting on the sofa.

“If you tell me you’re after me again I’m going to be real pissed,” he said once he knew Mychael’s parents weren’t there to hear him.

Trevor turned, smiling wryly. “Not this time. I have bigger fish to fry.”

Vik crossed the room, stopping to kiss Mychael and Pete before dropping into a vacant chair. He smiled to himself at the look on Trevor’s face. The Dhampir would never get completely used to the threesome idea. He had to give him points though for trying not to react to it too much.

“Here in the city I presume. But why are you here in this house?”

“Coincidence, bad luck, good luck, not quite sure which yet. I was dealing with a couple of gangbangers in what turned out to be Mychael’s folk’s back alley. Why was I even in the neighborhood?” Trev continued before Vik could ask, “One of your kind lives a few blocks from here and I need to get to him to get info on the one I’m after.”

Pete shook his head, half amused, half impressed. “Seems he gave the punks he took down a message for this Vampyre.”

Trevor nodded. “It was spur of the moment but might get me in.”

“Or dead,” Mychael added.

“That too. Something I’m going to try to avoid.”

Vik looked between them, shaking his head. “Fill me in on the details.”

Trevor did.

“You are stone crazy,” Vik said when he was finished. “But…”

“Oh no you don’t. This is a vacation.” The glare Pete gave Vik would have quelled most men. But most men weren’t Vik.

Trevor smiled. “But you want in?”

“I do,” Vik replied.


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