Tuesday, December 6, 2016

(63) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

I turn fast. Who the hell knows me here? See two men. Grimace. Walk the bike over to them.

“Now I know who the new Vampyre in town is. What the hell are you all doing here?”

“I could ask the same.” Pete gives me a glaring look. “If you’re after him. Naw, you aren’t or you’d have known he was here. You may be shifty but I think your surprise was real.”

“Shifty huh? I didn’t know you cared.” I grin. Sober. “But why are you here?”

Mychael speaks up. “Visiting my family.”

“Must be nice.” Muttering. Look at them. “How long are you sticking around?”

“Until we leave. We don’t have a real schedule. Why?”

Tap my lips. Do I warn them? Yeah, why not. “There’s one bad dude of a Vampyre living not far from here. He runs the gang in this area.”

Mychael nods. “We sort of figured that one from what my father said. At least that is was a possibility he was a Vampyre. Is that why you’re here?”

“Yeah. Well not for him specifically. I’m after bigger fish. The main one.” I stop. See an older woman come out of the house. She looks worried.

Mychael turns. Goes to meet her. “It’s okay, Mama. He’s a friend of sorts.”

Of sorts. I chuckle. Guess maybe I am. Mychael brings her over. Introduces me to her.

She nods. Looks me over. “Do you live around here, Mr. Wallace?”

“No. I’m just visiting on business. I was going down the street and saw two punks rousting some kids so I stepped in. Otherwise I wouldn’t have run into them.” Nodding at Mychael and Pete. “On my way from there to there and…” Shrugging.

She sighs. “I wish someone would do that more often. There are too many of them around here now. Like an invasion. But what can we do? The police don’t seem to care.”

“Now Mama, that’s not true. But there are so many of them, from what Papa said. Like roaches. The cops can only do so much.”

I want to set him straight. But not in front of his mother. Might scare her more than she already is.

“Mr. Wallace, would you like to come inside or do you have to keep going to wherever ‘there’ is?” She smiles.

“I can stay for a few I guess.” Hell. Why not? I have to wait somewhere til dark.


  1. You make me happy you do know that right! Are you getting ready for Christmas? Do you travel or do people come to see your house? Being noisy lol. This year I'm staying home have to work. I work in dialysis I stick people with big needles and clean their blood! So you see why I like vampires and werewolves and what not!

  2. Good grief. Yes, that would explain it, LOL. I'm not doing anything for Christmas other than maybe going out for dinner. Or not. I'm glad I make you happy. *G*