Saturday, November 26, 2016

(58) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

“Why can’t I come?”

“One, because you have a job here you don’t want to loose. Two, because it’s dangerous. Three, because of one and two.” I stop packing to kiss his forehead. “I want you safe, I want someone to come back to besides the ferret.”

He smiles slightly about the ferret. Then says, “Aren’t there enough of them here? Why do you have to run off somewhere else? Let another Dhampir deal with this one.”

“Del, if I took that attitude they’d be overrunning the world. I take care of the big ones and let the others and the wanna-be Vampyre hunters handle the small stuff. This one has to be dealt with before he kills again. Or turns any more. Please understand.”

He nods. “I understand, but I don’t have to like it baby.” He takes off his cross. Fastens it around my neck. “I want this back, so you have to come back.”

“I will. I promise.” Put my arms around him. Kiss him softly. “I have a reason to now, and not because of your cross.”

Del's smile lights up my heart. “Good,” Is all he says. But his face tells me that I do have a reason.

Kissing him once more. Then finishing stuffing what I need in my pack. Locking up the house. On the bike with him behind me. I drop him off at his place. One final kiss.

Then I’m off. Heading out of the city and up the highway. I could have flown but in the mood to ride. And the bike will come in handy I think. Where I’m going.


  1. Holy shit holy dick!!! You so aaaacccckkkkk deep breath deep deep breath omg

  2. Loving this story so much you are amazing thank you so much 😊