Thursday, November 24, 2016

(57) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

Furniture. I look around the empty rooms. Sigh. What the hell have I gotten myself into here?

Call Del. First he’s surprised. Then he’s kinda pissed. Cause I got the place without his help. Then he’s laughing.

“Baby, didn’t you think about that? Guess you didn’t.” He’s still laughing. Offers to help me get some furniture.

What seems like eons later. Furniture bought. Paid for. Delivered. Not much. Bed. Sofa. Couple of chairs and a table. Even the dresser he insists I need. For what? My wardrobe ain’t that big.

We shuffle furniture around. Damn. Not like there’s that much. Finally he’s satisfied. Except…

“The walls are bare.” He complains.

I chuckle. “I have a ton of stuff by this artist I know. Now I can do something with it.”

He grins. “That could work.” Walks to the kitchen. “Trevor!”

“Now what?” Groaning.

Takes my hand. Pulls me towards the front door. “Dishes maybe? Pots and pans?”

Another eon of shopping. You ever take one dude and a shit load of purchases on a bike? Especially my bike. But we made it. In two trips.

Now he’s satisfied. Damn. Bout time.

* * * *

A housewarming gift?

“What the hell is this?”

I look down. There’s a pile of things in front of the door to my new place.

“You won’t know if you don’t look.” Del rolls his eyes. Stating the obvious.

I pick them up. Take them inside. Open the big box. “You’re shitting me.”

“Hey, don’t look at me, baby.” He peeks into the box. Squeals with delight. “Oh Trev, how cute.”

Cute. Yeah, right. There’s a cage. And something wiggly inside it. Furry. Wiggly. I stick a finger in. It comes up. Sniffs. “What the hell is it?”

He rolls his eyes again. “It’s a ferret you silly man.” He looks through the bags. “Perfect.” Takes out a leash and harness. Hands them to me.

I look at him. Then at the ferret. Crack the cage door open. Grab it around its middle. It squirms. “Damn, hold still. How do I put this on it?”

“Honestly, Trev.” He takes the harness back. Slips it on the ferret. Then hooks up the leash.

I take it out all the way. Give it a long look. It looks back. Then curls up on my arm. I wrinkle my nose. I swear it wrinkles its nose back. “Stinky.”

“Musky. You’ll get used to it.” He reaches over. Pets it. 

It is cute. He’s right. And cuddly. I sit cross-legged to put it in my lap. It snuggles a bit. Then suddenly it’s out of my lap. Races across the floor till the leash stops it. It squeaks. Gives me a look. Takes off in another direction. Slides under the sofa.

“Now I know why the leash.” Laughing.

Del goes to rescue it. Untangles the leash from around the sofa leg. Brings it back to me.

“You know you can train them to ride in your pocket or on your shoulder.”

“Like I’m going to take Mr. Wiggles here out with me.”

Del looks at me, eyebrows rising. “You are so not calling him that. Honestly baby.”

I shrug. “Naw. We’ll find a name.”

I put it, him on my shoulder. He clings there. Del and I set up its cage. Put out the bowls for food. Fill them. Then settle down on the sofa. Playing with him. Del jumps up suddenly. Looks in the big box. Comes back with a card.

I read it and smile. He asks what.

“Just says to enjoy.”

“No name?”

“Nope. But I have a sneaking suspicion I know who it came from. There’s this chick I run into sometimes at a club. She’s,” I shrug. “She’s okay, I guess. Crazy, but okay. This is just her style.” Laughing. “Maybe I should call him Chick.”

“Don’t even. Gods, Trev, we’ll come up with a name in time.”

I smile as he snuggles next to me. Yeah. Right now I’m happy. I think life is finally going to be good.


  1. It's going to be amazing of course they still need to grow on one another but they will

    1. That's the plan, if Trev survives what comes next. *G* That's called foreshadowing. LOL

  2. That's called TEASING a reader so they bite their fingernails to the quick! Lol happy thanksgiving

    1. That, too. *G* Happy Thanksgiving back at you.