Friday, November 4, 2016

(47) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

The kid’s right. This club is a Vampyre hang-out. Not obviously one. Most of those we see dancing, drinking, are human. But there are creatures there too. Two are on the dance floor. With human partners. Enthralled females. Glazed eyes. Reeking of lust for their Vampyre escorts.

Another, deep in the shadows. Thinks he’s hidden. Not from me. Not from Daniel. The kid taps my arm. Glances at the bastard. Takes a step forward.

“Not here.” I tell him under my breath.

“But no one would know. He’s invisible.”

“To the humans.” I sigh. He still has a lot to learn. “His kind knows he’s there. And they know we’re here and what you are.”

“But not you?” He’s puzzled.

“I’ve been at this longer. I’ll teach you how to shield when you need to. Later.”

I watch. See one of the Vampyres lead his prey to the back of the club.

“Wait here. Watch him.” Telling Daniel. Nodding at the hidden creature.

He follows my glance. Shakes his head. “I want in.”

“Wait here.” An order now.

He sighs. I leave. Inside, he’ll be safe. Like us, the bastards don’t want to make a scene. Not in their club.

Slip silently down the street. To the back alley. See the creature intent on his prey. He’s not aware of me. Yet. Move closer. His head snaps up. Looks at me. At my sword. Grins slightly.

“Playing slayer?” Taunting.

“Not playing.” Feral grin on my lips. Stalking closer.

He’s all teeth and claws then. I feel him pull. I resist. He’s on me. Claws raking through my coat. Feeling pain. Blood. Seeing teeth going for my throat.

Backing just out of reach. Feinting left with my sword. His arm goes up defensively. His eyes on the sword for a second. I kick up. Even Vampyres hurt when you land one in their groin. He doubles over. Right onto the sword. It’s a fraction off target. I rectify that quickly. Pull it out, thrust it in again. It sinks between ribs. Right to his heart. I twist it.

“Damn, that was quick.” Daniel’s voice behind me.

I turn. Shrug. “Practice pays off. I thought I told you to wait inside.” Sheathe my sword.

“I know, but I wanted to see how you did it.” Looks at me. “You’re bleeding.”

“No shit. But I’ll live.” Scowling. “Need a new coat though. I hate when that happens. Let’s get back inside. I want to see how our invisible friend is doing and follow him when he leaves. If he hasn’t already.” Giving Daniel a pointed look.

“Sorry.” He mutters. “What about her?” Looks at the girl.

“I’ll change her memories.”

He raises his eyebrows in surprise. “We can do that?”

I feel like Master Po. “You have much still to learn Grasshopper.” Chuckling at his bewildered look. I take care of the girl. We walk away. 

Back inside. Daniel first. I follow a few minutes later. Glad the lighting’s dim. Hides the slashes in my coat. Our Vampyre’s still there. Still hidden. Maybe a security guard. Whatever. He’ll be ours in time.

Join Daniel at the bar. Order a drink. Lean back. Glancing at the kid. Saying loudly enough that the bartender can hear. “Ten minutes and I’m out of here. This place sucks. I checked out the bar down the street and it’s hopping. You can stick around here if you want.”

Gotta give him points. He catches on quick. “Naw. The joint across the street looks better. I’m going over there.” Pushes off the bar. Heads out.

I follow after the allotted ten. Look for him. Hear a low whistle. Look up. Quickly join him on the roof. Above the bar he mentioned.


  1. Oh damn whooyooo that was awesome! Sorry he got hurt but he knows his limits I bet Del would have a pissy fit though 😉

    1. Dhampirs heal as fast a Vampyres, so Del might never know. LOL