Wednesday, October 19, 2016

(39) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir


I got a job! It took two days of walking my feet off but I did.

I felt like jumping around and dancing down the street but I had the feeling that might land me on a 72 hour hold. So instead I headed to the Quarter. I wanted to check in at the art shop and see if any more of my paintings had sold. Which reminded me again that I had to set up my studio in what most people probably though of as the dining room in my new place. Hell, I didn’t need a special place to eat. I’d move the tiny table into a corner of the living room and call it the dining nook. I grinned at that thought. I was maybe getting domestic? Naw.

By the time I got to the Quarter I was glad I’d worn sensible clothes and not the ones I usually wore for my work. My ex-work. I had to keep reminding myself I had a new life now.

I did some window shopping while I walked toward the art shop. The things tourists will buy. Honestly. If I had expendable cash I sure wouldn’t spend it on fake stuffed crocodiles and phony voodoo dolls. Oh well.

As I walked into the art shop the clerk looked up and smiled. I’d never seen her before, but then I’d only been here once, so I introduced myself.

“Hi,” she responded. “I know who you are. Well not personally, of course, but I know your name. Your work had been selling fantastically well, especially to that one man. He seems to have fallen in love with your stuff.” She giggled. “I wish he’s notice me but he just comes in, buys two or three of your things and then leaves. He’s really awfully good looking in sort of Highlander way with that long coat and all.”

I froze. No way could it be him. “What does he look like other than the coat?”

“Tall, long dark hair, sexy lavender eyes, and he always wears this earring. It looks like a claw or something.”

“Damn you to hell and back,” I muttered, causing the clerk to look at me in surprise.

“You know him?”

“Yes, and I am so killing him next time I see him. How could he?” I was so close to tears right then and I didn’t know if it because I was furious at Trev for doing that, or so happy that he cared enough to try to help me. But why didn’t he tell me? I needed to talk to him.

Telling the clerk I’d be back again soon, I started out the door, not aware of more than that I needed to get back to my old place and find him. And ran straight into a brick wall.  Hands grabbed my arms, propelling me back into the shop.

“Where are you off to in such a rush?”


  1. Aaaarrrrggggg you so need a spanking good lerd man you want me to be patient but that is sooooooo NOT a strong point with me! Love love u, hug ya like a bear and rubbing my hands together to try and be patient.

    1. See. Following a serialized story is good practice in patience for you. -grinning wickedly-