Thursday, October 13, 2016

(36) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

I stand there for a few minutes. Trying to regroup. Then I go after him. Down to his place. But he’s not there. Or not answering if he is. I reach for the key. But it’s gone.

Banging on the door in frustration now. “Del, let me in. I need to talk to you.”


I wait. Hoping he’s in there.

A door opens. “You looking for the guy that lives there you’re too late. He left real fast. Damned near ran me down,” the chick says. “Probably got a call from one of his johns.”

Yeah. I wish it was that. I thank her. Go back to my room.

I’m totally pissed now. At myself for what I said. At Del for not giving me a chance to explain. Not that I know how to.

So I go hunting. A new bastard Vampyre has come to town. Thinking he’ll be safe here. Idiot. I find him. Finally. Make his death slow and painful.

It doesn’t help.

Get back to the dump I live in. That Del lives in. But he’s not there. Same girl hears me knocking. Four in the morning and she’s still nosy enough to stick her head out the door. Tells me Del packed up. Moved his stuff out. All of it.

“Fucking hell he did,” I growl out angrily.

“Yeah, he did. My man says Del told him he’s quitting. Wish I could do that.” She looks wistful. Then shrugs. Goes back inside.

I climb the stairs. Slowly. Thinking maybe my words made Del think. Glad at least he’s getting out.

Toss my coat and sword on the chair. Throw myself down on the bed. Hands behind my head. Staring up at nothing.

“Be safe, Del. Be well and make something better of your life.” Whispered into the darkness. “I’ll miss you.”


  1. Oh nooooo where in the hell is he gonna go? Gggrrrrrr ok ok deep breaths lol love ❤️ it! But good lord you hurt my heart sometimes

    1. Time will tell where Del is. Don't worry.