Sunday, October 9, 2016

(34) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

“I know why he was after your friend,” Del says. “He told me. He was new in town and planned on taking it over. He’s heard of Trev and tracked him down. I was just a pawn in his game. He was going to keep me prisoner until Trev killed off all the competition. But he got angry when he realized he’d,” he turns to look at me, “when he realized you hadn’t really killed this Vik. I didn’t know Vampyres could fly, but he did. He came and got me where he had me prisoner and then took me back to my place. And you know the rest.” He looks away. Embarrassed I think at what happened.

I take out the needle. Scowling when Pete starts to say something. Go to sit on the edge of Del's bed. “Del, you’re reaction was normal. When Vampyres feed they can induce lust in their victims.”

He still doesn’t look up. Nods. His hands kneading the sheet. “It was horrible. I couldn’t stop it. All I could think was that you were watching and he was getting me off while he was killing me. I don’t know which was worse, the thought that I was dying, or that it was that creep doing that to me instead of…”

Behind me Pete chuckles wryly. Cuts him off. “I’ve heard that can happen.”

“You don’t know?” Del glances over at him. “But I thought…”

“Vik’s strange code of honor.” He shrugs. “OK, campers. I’m out of here. I need to see for myself that he’s really all right. Oh, just to let you know. When they deem you ready to leave they’re going to make sure you don’t know where you were. Probably by using blindfolds because that’s what they did to me when we came here.”

I arch an eyebrow. “They don’t trust you?”

“Some things they want to keep secret. I don’t fight it.” He doesn't say who 'they' are. I don't ask. He heads to the door. “Trev, thanks. And feel free to visit. Well unless you decide to break that truce you two have. Then I’ll be forced to kill you and I’d rather not. I totally understand why you hate Vampyres, after seeing those two bastards at work. The more of those kind you kill the happier I’ll be. Well, other than Vik.”

I smile. “Believe it or not I kind of like Vik so I’m not planning on taking him out. Unless of course he reverts to kind.”

“He won’t.” Pete glances between Del and me. “Take care of each other,” he says. And leaves.


  1. On poor Del he is so lovable and so scared of the way he acted with dogmeat. I hope Trev makes him feel better and safe! Loved it sweet cheeks.