Monday, October 3, 2016

(31) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

“You have to be kidding.” Pete glares at Mychael. Angry. 

“Hold on.” Holding up my hand. “I can answer that. Did it once. But real slow.” Shrugging when they look at me. “To my bastard father. Beside the point though. It can be done but it would be tricky. You drink bagged blood, right?” Looking at Vik.

He’s smiling tightly. “I do. That just might work.”

“No way, now how. There has to be a better alternative.” Pete’s on his feet now. Pacing.

“If you can think of one let us know.” Vik chuckles low.

Pete turns. Scowling. Then smiles slightly. Nods. “Give me a week and maybe I can. But we don’t have that long,” he adds. Looking at me.

“No we don’t. I have to ‘kill’ him soon and then let the Vampyre know I have, though I think he’ll be well aware of it. Which means we’ll be cutting a real fine line here. I’ll have to drain Vik and bolt and hope the Vampyre follows me rather than sticking around to gloat. Then you two will have to start feeding him the blood before pretend becomes reality.”

“When do we do this?” Mychael asks.

“Tomorrow night.” Vik and I answer. Vik points out. “I need to order more blood first.”

“That would be a damned good idea,” Pete mutters. It’s obvious he’s not happy with this whole idea. Especially when he adds, “How do we know this isn’t all a trick so you can kill Vik and get away free and clear?”

“Because I don’t have to play games like that. If I wanted him dead I’d just do it. It’s what I do. And do well.”

“You’ve played your own games with him before,” Pete points out.

“Played. But that was then. We reached a truce as he pointed out. I’m not inhuman. Well I am but not that way. I honor my commitments even to a Vampyre. When I make them. And you can believe that or not as you wish.”

Seems he decides to for the moment. He nods once.

“OK. Let’s do it this way. Because it makes more sense given how I work. What time do you usually wake up Vik?” He tells me. “Good. But you can be awakened early if necessary?” A nod from him. “Then I’ll be here half an hour before sunset. Where’s your…Never mind, I know.” His lovers frown at that even though they know that I do. That I’ve been inside the house before. “I’ll go to your bedroom. You two be there, too, with the blood. I’ll take it from there.”

“If you try anything Trevor,” Pete growls. Mychael puts a hand on his shoulder. But his look at me says he agrees.

“Then you kill me. I’m not invincible. Not by a long shot. Just cleverer than the average Vampyre when it comes to taking the bastards out.” Glancing at Vik. “Sorry, but you know how I feel about your kind.”

“Not a problem,” he replies. “Just don’t forget we’re trying to help get your friend back while you’re doing your thing. And I just had an idea. After you kill me you run and Pete goes after you. He’s well trained and can make it look realistic. That way you’ll have backup, if you need it. Let’s just hope this Vampyre brings your friend with him. I have a feeling he will, if only to kill him in front of you, if he thinks you haven’t done as he’s ordered.”

I blow out a long breath. Look at Pete. “OK, that works.” He nods. A man of few words I think. “See you all tomorrow evening then.” Getting up. Going to the wall of their yard. Turning back to them. “And let’s pray this works.”

Vik smiles. “It will.”


  1. Well mother of little blue sky fairies I WANT MORE needle beezle you do know how it feels to be denied an organism RIGHT!!!! Love it btw! 😊