Saturday, October 1, 2016

(30) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

My question doesn’t seem to faze Vik or his lovers. They look at each other. Nod. Like they’re reading each others minds. Or Vik’s talking to them. Maybe he is. Maybe they just know each other that well. Not asking right now.

Vik chuckles. “I’d like that better than you actually killing me, so sure, we’ll put our heads together and figure something out. Did he ask for some kind of proof that I’m dead?”

I shake my head. “Nope. Just that I do the deed.”

“Not good. That means he’s powerful enough to know when I die. Maybe just by reading your mind when you go back to him.” Vik frowns. “By the way, how are you supposed to let him know when you’re done?”

“He didn’t say. And he can’t read my mind. No Vampyre can do that to a Dhampir.” I stand. Look around just in case. Not that Vik couldn’t sense if the other Vampyre was around. Or could he? I ask.

“I might be able to. I honestly have no idea as I’ve never met any other Vampyres."

The other two move closer. Take seats.

Pete is watching me like a hawk. Asks, “What does he look like?”

“Tall. Aristocratic.” Frowning. “Dressed modern but like he wasn’t comfortable with that. Reddish hair worn long but pulled back.” Closing my eyes to picture all of him. “Sharp nose, thin lips. Damn, if Del was here he could draw him.”

“So let’s get him here.”

Opening my eyes, looking at him. “We can’t. He’s the one the bastard took.”

Vik must see something. In my face, my eyes. “We’ll get him back for you Trevor.” Said softly.

“Not for me, for him. He doesn’t deserve to be caught up in this bastard's games.” Not willing to admit to them he’s more than just a friend. Maybe. Dropping that. Moving on. “How do I kill you without really killing you?”

“Now that’s a good question, especially since I’d rather not really die. But he’s going to have to think I have.” Vik taps his fingers on his knee.

Mychael, the quiet one, must be the brains. He comes up with an idea. “This sounds sick and not sure it would work, but what if Vik was drained of blood. How much would it take before he seemed to be dead?”


  1. Hhuuummmmm ok ok I am seeing a few avenues this could take yeah of course I will always come back daily just to make sure you don't be a sneaky sneak! And of course we need something more between them or I do.... Lol like a long slong and puffy lips

    1. You are something else, Cinders. -shaking my head- Would I be a sneaky sneak? -grinning-