Sunday, September 25, 2016

(27) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir


I can’t believe what Trev did. I’m going to be, well not famous but at least someone else will see my work besides me and him. Of course that doesn’t mean that anyone will like it. But damn.

I signed the contract and with his help took more of my pieces to the shop, even some more of the paintings. He was funny. He kept looking at the paintings, trying to pretend that maybe he liked them after all but I could tell he didn’t. I hope it’s just him. Time will tell I guess.

I like him. He’s fun to be with though I don’t think I’ll ever tell him that. He’s got this ‘don’t touch me’ attitude he puts on when he doesn’t know I’m around, or when we’re out in public. He rarely smiles which is too bad because it makes him look more human when he does.

Yes, I know he’s human, well half human technically. But he acts like he’s got only one reason to live and that’s to kill the Vampyres, so that part of him comes out too much. Sometimes even when we’re together. I watch him eyeing everyone when we go out to grab something to eat. I know he has that sword of his with him. And I know if he sees one he’ll forget I’m even there in his need to go after the creature and kill it.

I also know, though he’s never told me, that he sleeps with anyone he can snag. My kind, tourists, any one he goes after that will let him. And hell, who wouldn’t let him? He’s sexy as hell and when he lets his guard down a nice man as well. Again, nothing I’d ever tell him to his face. I don’t want him thinking I like him as more than a friend because that’s all he’ll ever be.

I don’t want a man in my life, not that way. I never met one that wasn’t either a bastard, a cheat, or out to get what they could from me. Except…maybe...him. But I know if I let my guard down too much around him he’ll leave. He’ll have his way with me and then leave because men do that with hookers—male or female.

So we’re just friends. And we’ll remain so until one or the other of us move out of here. And who knows, it might be me if my art work sells. Move out and perhaps even go back to finish school. Dream on, I know, but still, it could happen.


  1. I love Del! Love that you gave us a chapter of him thinking and a chance to get to know him a little.