Friday, September 9, 2016

(19) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

Light streams through the patio doors suddenly. I move swiftly. Keep just out of range of it. Look inside. The man I saw at Del’s door stands there. I feel Del beside me. Hear a small gasp.

“It’s him.” Whispered softly. Fear, anger, in his voice.

“Stay here.”

He looks at me. Puzzled. “Here? He’ll see me when he comes out.”

“But not me. You’ll keep his attention for as long as I need it.”

Moving back beside the doors. Waiting.

Minutes later. The doors open. He steps outside. Stops.

“What the hell are you doing here, you whore?”

I’m on him. One hand covering his mouth. Free arm wrapped around him. Pulling him back into the house. He struggles. Not strong enough to get free. Dhampir strength here. And he’s only human. Nod to Del to come in.

Del does. Closes the doors behind him. I see his fists ball up. Shake my head.

“Not yet.”

Drag the bastard through the room.

“Find his bedroom.” Telling Del.

He does. I take the bastard in. Throw him on the bed. Literally. Hold him there. Hand on his throat. Slowly cutting off his breath. He squirms like a bug pinned to a board. I ease up. Not much.

“We need something to restrain him. Belts if you can find some. Bet a rich bastard like this has plenty.”

Del searches. Finds some. Soon the bastard is lashed to the bed. Hands tied to the headboard. Feet to the footboard.

I toss Del my knife. “Cut his clothes off him.”

Del smiles tightly. Does so. None too carefully. I think he’s beginning to enjoy this now.

When he’s naked I release my hold on the bastard's throat. Snag one of his socks. Stuff it in his mouth before he can shout.

“Now the fun begins.” I grin.


  1. Holy shit holy crap holy yesyes.....describe it in detail....the slice his dick like a banana and peel it...that is my fantasy God that would so awesome all the blood...I'm laughing evilly ! I am a little disturbed I hope that doesn't bother you. Smooches and love sweet!