Thursday, September 29, 2016

(29) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

Vik and his…lovers are out in their backyard. The grill is hot, the steaks just about ready to go on, it looks like, when I say, from the top of the wall “Got one for me?”

I jump down, holding my hands out to show I'm not armed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Vik asks. He takes a quick glance at Pete and Mychael. Gives a small shake of his head to let them know to stand down. At least until they knew why I'm here and why I’ve chosen this way to arrive.

I hold my ground, eyes flicking over each of them. “Technically, I’m supposed to be killing you,” I finally reply to Vik.

“I thought we’d been over that and called a truce of sorts.” Vik tenses, just in case.

“We have, and we did.” I take two steps toward them. “I’ve been sent by someone else who seems to want you dead.”

Vik frowns. “Who?”

“He didn’t bother to leave his name.” I drop down on to one of the chairs. “But he has a friend of mine he’s holding captive until he knows I’ve completed the job. I have two days.”

“Vampyre, or human,” Mychael asks, relaxing his stance.

“Vampyre, and old, from the feeling I got off him.”

“Why the hell would an old Vampyre want me dead?" Vik says. "Technically I’m still a fledgling and my Sire is long gone, two years truly dead thanks to…someone.”

I cock an eyebrow but don't ask. “He didn’t tell me why. Just do it or my friend dies. ‘Horribly’ as he put it. I don’t want that on my conscience. And yes, believe it or not I do have one.”

“Never really doubted it despite the games you were playing. Not after our talk.” Vik sits down in the chair beside me. “So the question is, are you going to do as he ordered?”

“That depends on you and your…what do I call them? Lovers?”

“That works though they do have names. How does it depend on us?”

I looked at Mychael and Pete then back at Vik. “Can we come up with something that makes it look as if I did take you out?”

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

(28) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

Out of the city for a week. Finding an old Vampyre I’ve been searching for. Killing him. Finally.

Back now. Racing up the stairs. Knocking on Del’s door.

It opens. I unsheathe my sword. Glaring at the creature standing there.

“If you’ve done anything to harm him.”

Knowing he isn’t here at Del's request.

He smiles. His fangs flashing long and sharp. Dangerous.

“He is in a safe place, for now, although he might not agree. If you do as I request I might let him leave unharmed. You have two days, Dhampir. There’s one of my kind I want dead. but for me to slay him would bring more trouble down on my head than I am willing to endure. You, on the other hand, can do it for me without causing raised eyebrows among those who know me.”

He is still smiling. An evil one that makes me want to take his life. Such as it is. I know he’s unable to read my thoughts. But my face. I school it to show no emotion. But unsuccessfully it seems.

He laughs. “Kill me and he will die quite a horrible death. I’ll tell you no more than that. If he means anything to you, and I believe he does, it would behoove you to do my bidding. Two days. Here is where you’ll find my enemy.” Handing me a slip of paper.

“And his name?”


Sunday, September 25, 2016

(27) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir


I can’t believe what Trev did. I’m going to be, well not famous but at least someone else will see my work besides me and him. Of course that doesn’t mean that anyone will like it. But damn.

I signed the contract and with his help took more of my pieces to the shop, even some more of the paintings. He was funny. He kept looking at the paintings, trying to pretend that maybe he liked them after all but I could tell he didn’t. I hope it’s just him. Time will tell I guess.

I like him. He’s fun to be with though I don’t think I’ll ever tell him that. He’s got this ‘don’t touch me’ attitude he puts on when he doesn’t know I’m around, or when we’re out in public. He rarely smiles which is too bad because it makes him look more human when he does.

Yes, I know he’s human, well half human technically. But he acts like he’s got only one reason to live and that’s to kill the Vampyres, so that part of him comes out too much. Sometimes even when we’re together. I watch him eyeing everyone when we go out to grab something to eat. I know he has that sword of his with him. And I know if he sees one he’ll forget I’m even there in his need to go after the creature and kill it.

I also know, though he’s never told me, that he sleeps with anyone he can snag. My kind, tourists, any one he goes after that will let him. And hell, who wouldn’t let him? He’s sexy as hell and when he lets his guard down a nice man as well. Again, nothing I’d ever tell him to his face. I don’t want him thinking I like him as more than a friend because that’s all he’ll ever be.

I don’t want a man in my life, not that way. I never met one that wasn’t either a bastard, a cheat, or out to get what they could from me. Except…maybe...him. But I know if I let my guard down too much around him he’ll leave. He’ll have his way with me and then leave because men do that with hookers—male or female.

So we’re just friends. And we’ll remain so until one or the other of us move out of here. And who knows, it might be me if my art work sells. Move out and perhaps even go back to finish school. Dream on, I know, but still, it could happen.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Come visit 'The Diner' - out today.

The Diner

A mysterious man has come to Spirit Falls. Does he have something to do with the new diner, or maybe the disappearance of the town's mayor? Sheriff John Darkman needs to find out the answers to both questions.

Noah Graham is also curious about the mystery man and the new diner. Then he meets the man, Arik Dalca, who offers him a job as a waiter there.

When the mayor reappears and begins to sicken, John and Noah discover the real reason Arik has come to town. Shocked and horrified, they are drawn into what is happening in their town.

In the process of trying to stop the horror, Noah begins to fall for Ewan, one of Arik's team members, and John is drawn to Arik himself. Can the four men -- and the town -- survive what is to come?

    With the permission of their respective bosses, Noah and Cody had joined in the search for the mayor. The team they were with was responsible for checking the north side of Spirit River from the top of the falls down to where it went under the bridge, a quarter of a mile from the Irish Rose, and entered the town proper.

    "I really, really hope we don't find him," Cody said as he studied the rocks along the side of the falls. "I mean ..."

    "I know what you meant," Noah assured him. "We want him found, but alive. Not here or at the bottom of the falls, torn to shreds by the rocks."

    "Exactly." Cody shivered.

    They continued their trek, moving slowly; afraid they could miss something if they didn't. At one point a shout was heard over the roar of the water. They turned in unison to look back at one of the two other men on the team. He was kneeling on a rock, peering down into the water. A moment later he stood, shaking his head and waving them on.

    "False alarm," Cody said with a sigh of relief.

    Noah nodded, glancing toward the top of the falls. "Who the hell is he?" he asked, pointing up. "I saw him there yesterday."

    "No clue," Cody responded. "Never saw him before that I know of. What's with the hat? It makes him look like something out of Solomon Kane or Indiana Jones."

    "Except he's not wearing a longcoat, or whatever it's called, if he's going for the Kane look."

    As they watched, the man turned abruptly, stepping off the rocks onto dry land and vanished into the trees.

    "Just like he did yesterday. There one minute, gone the next."

    "He really is a vampire hunter and he staked Mayor Dunn then took him up there and threw him over the falls," Cody said with a grin. "Naw. The mayor goes out in the daylight. Scratch that thought."

    Noah chuckled. "You, my friend, have some strange ideas. I guess we'd better get back to looking for him and pray we don't find his body."

    * * * *

    By early evening all of the search teams had returned. There was a mixture of emotions -- dejection that they hadn’t found the mayor somewhere, alive if injured, and relief that they hadn't found his body. But above all else was puzzlement.

    "He can't have just walked away, or run away," one of the men said, stating the universal feelings of the others.

    "Agreed," John replied. "However --" he spread his hands in resignation, "-- we also know he's nowhere in town because we searched any vacant buildings or presently unoccupied houses. If he did hike off on his own into the mountains for some reason, and fell into an old mineshaft or had an accident, I'm sure one of you or your dogs would have found him."

    "Then what the hell happened to him?" another man exclaimed.

    "Rollie, believe me I wish I knew. We have an APB out on him in all of the towns within fifty miles of here. We know he didn't drive out of town, at least in his own car, since it was at Ms Miller's place. Of course there's the possibility that for some reason he was kidnapped."

    "Wouldn't Maggie have gotten a ransom call if that was the case?" one of the women asked.

    "One would presume so. So far, she hasn't. I've been checking with her almost hourly just to see how she's holding up."

    After a few more questions along the same lines, none of which John had answers for, people started drifting away. The majority of them headed home while a few others made their way to Mike's Bar. John was tempted to join them but knew if he did he'd only have to field even more questions, or listen to off-the-wall ideas about why the mayor had disappeared without a trace.

    So instead, he went home.

Friday, September 23, 2016

(26) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

Sneaky. I hope Del doesn’t kill me. Waiting till he’s gone. Retrieving his key from its hiding place. Taking three of the sketches and one small painting. Back to my room to wrap them. Carefully. Just as carefully stowing them in my pack.

Twenty minutes later. Parking the bike in front of a shop. Inside. Looking around for the owner.

“Can I help you?” A voice from behind a counter. A head pops up. Pretty, older woman.

Ask for the owner. It’s her. I take Del’s art from my pack. Unwrap it. She studies each piece. Tapping her fingers on her lips. Frowning.

“Yours?” she asks finally.

“A friend’s.”

“They’re very good.” She looks at me. Chuckling. “Do they know you brought them here?”

“Well, no. No he doesn’t. I was hoping. He's good isn’t he?”

“Very good. I’d like to show these and more if he has them.” She goes behind the counter again. Hands me some papers after filling them out. “He has to sign this. It’s a contract. He’ll get whatever these sell for, less my commission.” She asks if she can keep what I brought. When I hesitate she says, “I’ll put them in the safe. I can’t show them until he signs that.” Tapping the contract. “But it will save you, or him, having to bring them back again if he does. If not you can pick them up any time.”

I nod. Put the papers in my pack. Head back to my place.

Walk up the stairs to find a pissed off Del. Arms crossed. Foot tapping.

“What did you do with them? I know you took them.” Glaring at me. “Why?”

Don’t say a word. Just hand him the contract.

He reads it. Looks up at me. Reads it again. “This is for real?”

“Yes Del, it’s for real. I knew you wouldn’t do anything on your own but damn it they’re good. The lady wants them and more.”

“Seriously?” His eyes tear up. But he’s smiling, too. Beaming. Suddenly he’s hugging me. Laughing. Crying. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“It was nothing.” Feeling embarrassed. “I just…”

“You just, nothing. First you save me from that man. Now this. You’re the best friend I ever had, Trev.”

“Tit for tat, Del. You saved me too. I guess that’s what friends do. Help each other when help’s needed.”

He smiles up at me. Wiping away his tears. “Yeah. I guess it is.”

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

(25) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

Del turns on the light. Not sure what I expected but not this. The walls are covered with sketches. Paintings.

I look at him. “Yours?”

He nods. Looking shy and maybe a bit embarrassed.

I walk slowly around the room. Stopping to study them. One by one. The paintings are okay. Too modern for my taste. But the sketches. He’s amazing. Most are portraits. Street people. Hookers. One or two I think are pimps. A couple of them, I recognize the faces.

Done. Turning to him. He’s fearful, nervous.

“The sketches are fantastic, Del. Damn. Why are you hiding them away here? They should be in one of the shops in the Quarter, or an art gallery.”

He wrinkles his nose. Shakes his head. Then smiles in relief. “You really think they’re good?”

I look around at them again. Nodding slowly. “Yes. I think you’re very talented. Why haven’t you done something with them?”

“I’m scared. What if no one really liked them? I mean, well, you’re my friend. You have to be nice about it. But…” He takes a deep breath. Frowns. “The sketches. You don’t like the paintings?”

I wince. But I have to be honest with him. “It’s not that I don’t like them but they aren’t my style. I think maybe because I like pictures that look real. Do you get what I’m saying?”

“Yes.” He’s still frowning. “So you think they…they're not that good.”

“No Del. I think they’re fine. Really. Just not my thing. But you should show them to someone who knows about art.”

“Maybe. Someday.”

Monday, September 19, 2016

(24) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

Life goes on as usual now.

I don’t move away from here. Not that I like the accommodations. But I feel a need to stay. Perhaps because I have a friend here.

I haven’t given up my search for vengeance. Night after night. Out on the streets. Finding, killing, Vampyres. The hatred still lives in me. It always will.

In all this world there is only one Vampyre that I might leave alive. Not a friend. Far from it. But perhaps not quite my enemy either.

When I’m not hunting. When Del’s not working. Sometimes we spent time together. Just talking. Perhaps catching supper, or more often breakfast at some sleaze dive in the neighborhood.

His pimp has come to accept that I’m around. He’s not happy about it. But I let him know, one evening soon after saving Del, that he would have to live with it. Or die. But I didn’t add that. Didn’t have to. I think he got the message without the words being said.

When I leave town. And I do that on occasion. I tell Del that I’ll be back. I miss him when I’m gone. My one friend. That’s all he is. Just a friend. I still find my release with the men or women on Bourbon, hookers or tourists. I won’t ruin what I have with Del by using him the way I do them. But I don’t tell him this. Just keep things as they are. Friend to friend. And he doesn’t ask.

Tonight something special happens. I think it’s special anyway. I’ve been in Del's place. Not often. But sometimes. It’s bigger than mine. Two rooms. One for his ‘entertaining’ his johns. One for him alone. Until tonight I’ve never seen the private one.

We’re just talking. Del on the bed. Me sitting in one of the chairs. My feet on the bed. Suddenly he’s looking at me strangely. I can see him thinking. He gets up. Goes to the door of the other room. Nods once then opens it. Walks through, crooking his finger for me to follow.

I’m wondering what’s going on. Following.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

(23) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

Grabbing him before I know I’ve moved. Shaking him. “You let her kill her baby?”

Del tries to pull away. Whispers. “Yes.”

Look at his face. Seeing the terror there. The aching anguish, too. Loosen my hold. “Why Del? Why?”

He doesn’t drop his gaze. “How could she keep something, feel it growing in her, when it was made by rape, Trev? How could she? I loved her, I thought, but I could never love it. All I would see would be memories of that night.” Shuddering. Eyes tearing. “I couldn’t let it happen. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. That…that ended it for us.”

“But…” Dropping my hands. Still looking down at him.

He wipes away the tears. Starts to turn away. Stops. Touches my face. “Why does it matter to you, Trev?” He searches my face. Looking for something. Asks quietly, “Do you hate me now?”

Do I? Thinking. Slowly shaking my head. “No. No Del. I understand. Gods. Yes. I understand now.”

“Understand what, Trev?” Stepping back. Still looking at me. “Tell me.”

Running my hands over my face. Through my hair. Taking a deep breath. Then telling him about Nora. Bit by piece. Haltingly. About the baby. Her death. Her suicide.

Del listens. Silently. When I’m done he takes my hands. Holding them tightly.

“It wasn’t your fault Trev. Get that out of your head. She made the decision. It was her choice. She did it to punish you for not being there.” Del’s voice grows stronger. More positive. “For not loving her the way she thought she loved you. But Trev she didn’t love you. She couldn’t and still kill your child. She was selfish. I’ll bet she didn’t plan to die. It was a cry for attention. She thought you’d be back some time. She could show you the scars and say ‘See what I did because you left’. She wanted to tie you to her through guilt and because of the baby.”

Listening. Trying to believe. “Maybe.”

“No ‘maybe’, Trev. I think my…my girlfriend knew how Nora felt. It’s just…the only reason she didn’t try to kill herself was because she wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. They destroyed enough of her. She wouldn’t let them take that last bit. I've thought about it. I really have. After… After I made her loose the baby. After I left her.” He stares at me, making me look at him. "Believe me, Trev. Believe that you were only the cause because she wanted something to keep you tied to her. It could have been anyone, any man who spent a night with her and then left. I think she was a sad, lonely woman. You gave her a brief touch of the romance she’d been looking for, and she made it into something big. Something so special she couldn’t let it go. Couldn’t believe it wasn’t the real thing. You said you picked her up in a bar. Twice. She was looking for someone and you fit the bill because you treated her nice for a few hours.” He touches my face again. Strokes my cheek softly. “Trev, you did nothing wrong. Nothing. Do you understand that? Nothing.”

Nodding once. Feeling as if, finally, a huge burden has been lifted from me. Trying to smile. “How did you get so smart, Del?”

He chuckles. “Life, Trev. I live. I learn.”

Cupping his chin in my hand. Bending to kiss his forehead. “You learned well Del. Thank you.” Smiling at him. “I’ll never forget Nora, but now maybe I’ll stop blaming myself so much for her death.”

“No,” he said seriously. “You will stop blaming yourself at all. It’ll take time but you will. You cared for her in your own way, I can tell that, but you didn’t love her. How could you, you didn’t even know her.”

“But I…” Sighing. “I used her, Del.”

“No Trev, no more than she used you. For a night you both got what you were looking for to some degree. Just remember, you had no control over her emotions, her dreams of what never existed.”

“I’ll try.”

Del smacks my shoulder. “You’ll do more than try. If I have to I’ll keep beating that message into your hard head till you believe it.”

“Planning on being around that long?” I chuckle.

“Baby, I owe you for what you did tonight for me. Yeah, I’ll be around one way or another till my debt is paid.”

“Del you don’t owe me anything.”

He smiles. “Don’t argue with me Trev. Just live with it. Got that?”

“Yes sir. Got it.”

Thursday, September 15, 2016

(22) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

Del looks down. Frowning. “Long story. Shortened. I was raped when I was sixteen. Gang banged. Me and my…my girlfriend.”

“So you let men screw you night after night in retaliation?”

He glares at me. “Shut up and let me finish. And the answer to that is no. I do it for the money.” Smiling bitterly. “Not that I’m getting rich. My pimp takes most of it but at least I have a roof over my head and a bit of cash for my paints and stuff.”

“Paints? You’re an artist?”

Del nods. “I am. I was going to college here for that. Then Katrina hit and my dad died all at once. I was shit out of luck and money. This guy found me, took me in.” Snorting. “Got me a room here, and in exchange I turn tricks, here or on the street. He pays the rent; I give him what I make less a bit. Win-win situation don’t you think. Except when I run into a bastard like the one we just…we just…”

“Killed, Del. That’s the word you’re looking for. And he deserved it. You know he did.”

“Every bastard like him deserves it. And there's a lot of them out there,” he says so softly I wouldn’t have heard if I wasn’t what I am.

“Del,” taking his hand, “you sound like me. You think that about them. I think that every Vampyre should be eradicated. No questions asked.”

“I can’t help it Trev. What those four guys did to me. They took my innocence, my self respect. Left me with…” He sighs. Shakes his head. Gets up to go stare out the widow.

I watch him. Asking. Knowing the answer probably. Not wanting to hear it. “What did they leave you with?”

“Me? Fear and hatred. My girlfriend? She got pregnant.” Rests his head on the windowpane.

“Where’s the child now?”

Turning to look at me. “There is no child, Trev.”

“Fuck me!”

All the pain comes rolling back.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

(21) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

“What was that?” Del looks at me. His shaking has stopped by now. He frowns.

“What was what?” Going for dumb. Not working from the look on his face.

“The whole sword thing.” He stops where we are. Middle of the sidewalk. Half way home. Puts a hand on my chest. “Tell me.”

“When we get back. Maybe.” Push by him. Keep walking.

He catches up. “You bet you will Trev.”

“Tit for tat, Del. I tell. You tell.”

He stops again. In front of me. Looking up. Says slowly, “All right.”

Back at my place. Sprawled on the bed. Del sitting cross-legged. Staring at me.


Eyeing him for a minute. “Do you believe in things that go bump in the night?”

He shrugs. “Maybe. I’ve seen a lot of strange things out there on the streets.” Looks me over. “Why?”

“You know what Vampyres are? At least in theory?”

Throws back his head. Laughing. Sobers. “You’re serious. You?”

“Fuck no. I hate the bastards. But…” Staring up at the ceiling. Cracked. Dirty. “But I’m half Vampyre.”

“Sure you are. Like Blade? What do you call it? Dhampir. Yeah. That’s it.”

Feel his eyes on me. Nod. “Yeah. Like him, sort of.”

Long silence. Then. “OK, Trev the joking’s over. I’m not buying into fairy tales and I know you’re not crazy enough to think I will. Tell me the truth.”

Sit up. Smile slowly at him. Let my Vampyre side show. Not something I do often. Only when I’m killing them. The beast within me.  

He pulls back. Eyes wide with shock. But doesn’t run. Just looks. Head shaking. Reaches out. Touches my face.

“Shit. You were telling the truth.”

Then he gets up. Goes to my coat tossed over the chair. Takes the sheathed sword from under it. Pulls the sword out. Almost caresses it.


I nod. “Damned straight.”

Puts it back where he got it. Sits on the bed again. Pointing a finger at me. “Go back to normal. I can’t talk to you when you’re like that.”

I do. Smile. “Better?”

“Hell yeah. So Mr. Dhampir Trev, are you hiding out here from your enemies?”

He’s taking it too calmly. Like nothing out of the ordinary. I answer. Still bemused. He’s…too trusting. “No.” Leave it at that.

Del waggles a finger at me. “No is not a good answer.”

“It’s all you get for now. Now I get to play twenty questions.” Leaning back against the wall. “Why do you do this?”

Sunday, September 11, 2016

(20) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

“You got off on beating hookers? Let’s see how you like it when it’s done to you.”

Two hard blows to the bastard's gut. He goes deathly pale. Vomit coming up. Tries to swallow so he won’t choke on it.

Hit him again. His cheekbone shatters. Then an elbow. Kneecap. He passes out. Keep pummeling him. Del grabs my hands. Stops me. Only because I let him.

We wait. Del is shaking. I put an arm around him. “He deserves it.” Del tries to smile. Fails and turns away.

He comes to. Moaning behind the gag.

“Are we having fun yet?” A rhetorical question.

Del comes over now. Knife in his hand. Looks down at the bastard. Something goes dark behind Del's eyes. Del puts the point on the bastard's sac. He shakes his head wildly. Tries to move away. Del laughs harshly. Maniacally. Takes the man's flaccid dick in his hand. Presses the blade of the knife against the base. Draws it slowly across. A line of blood follows.

I put my hand over Del's, pulling it away.

“Not yet.”

Unsheathe my sword. Del looks at me in surprise. The man in fear. He’s shaking so hard the bed rocks.

Placing the point at his throat I slowly slice him from there down to his cock. Not deep. But enough. He screams behind the gag. I do it again. Twice. Shoulders to abdomen. Like autopsy cuts.

Blood flowing now. Draining onto his pristine white satin comforter.

Del is watching. Eyes alight with revenge. And suffering. “Enough,” he whispers.

“Not enough.” Answer him. “How many has he beaten? Maybe killed? He’ll do it again, Del. It’s in his nature. Just as it’s in mine to kill bastards like him. Not like him…but with his same mentality.”

I raise the sword. “Don’t look Del.”

He turns away. A small moan escapes him.

The sword flashes down. Severing the bastard's dick from his body. He looses consciousness.

As I watch, the blood from his wounds continues to flow. Slower and slower. I press a finger to the vein in his neck. The pulse is weak. Weakening even more.

He dies.

Clean the blade of the sword on his comforter. Sheath it. Pick up the knife. Del’s dropped it.

Put an arm around Del's shoulders. Lead him out of the house.

Friday, September 9, 2016

(19) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

Light streams through the patio doors suddenly. I move swiftly. Keep just out of range of it. Look inside. The man I saw at Del’s door stands there. I feel Del beside me. Hear a small gasp.

“It’s him.” Whispered softly. Fear, anger, in his voice.

“Stay here.”

He looks at me. Puzzled. “Here? He’ll see me when he comes out.”

“But not me. You’ll keep his attention for as long as I need it.”

Moving back beside the doors. Waiting.

Minutes later. The doors open. He steps outside. Stops.

“What the hell are you doing here, you whore?”

I’m on him. One hand covering his mouth. Free arm wrapped around him. Pulling him back into the house. He struggles. Not strong enough to get free. Dhampir strength here. And he’s only human. Nod to Del to come in.

Del does. Closes the doors behind him. I see his fists ball up. Shake my head.

“Not yet.”

Drag the bastard through the room.

“Find his bedroom.” Telling Del.

He does. I take the bastard in. Throw him on the bed. Literally. Hold him there. Hand on his throat. Slowly cutting off his breath. He squirms like a bug pinned to a board. I ease up. Not much.

“We need something to restrain him. Belts if you can find some. Bet a rich bastard like this has plenty.”

Del searches. Finds some. Soon the bastard is lashed to the bed. Hands tied to the headboard. Feet to the footboard.

I toss Del my knife. “Cut his clothes off him.”

Del smiles tightly. Does so. None too carefully. I think he’s beginning to enjoy this now.

When he’s naked I release my hold on the bastard's throat. Snag one of his socks. Stuff it in his mouth before he can shout.

“Now the fun begins.” I grin.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

(18) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

“There.” Pointing.

“Classy place for a bastard.”

Del’s trying to keep up a good front. It works. Sort of. I hear the pain. The anger in his voice. He trembles. I put my arm around him. Just a quick hug.

Circle the block. Houses with big yards. Good. Check out the alley. Late afternoon. Kids play in backyards. Not at his place though. Tall fence around it. No one watching us right now. Casually check the gate latch. Fool. Quickly pull Del into his yard. Hear him gasp.

“Sorry, Del. Forgot right then.”

He nods. “It’s OK. You just woke up a few sore ribs. I shoulda taken my pills before we left.” He snickers. “Or not. I’d be half asleep now and you’d have to carry me.”

“I can do that.”

Smiling even as I scan the yard. Trying to keep it light. For now. Big pool. Bushes along the fence. Around the pool. Glass patio doors. Locked. Probably alarmed. Not taking chances.

It’s a hot afternoon. Hope he swims when he gets home from work.

Beckoning to Del. “Have a seat.” Nodding at a deck chair by the house. Out of sight from inside. He frowns. Sits. I lean on the wall beside him.

“Now we wait.”

“You think he’ll come out here?”

“Yeah. Why have a pool and not use it. This is perfect.”

“What if it’s not him?” Worry on his face now.

“We’ll see him first. Before he sees us. It’ll be dark out here, light inside when he turns on the lights.” Shrugging. “It’s not him we jet.”

He nods. Still worried. Scared too I think.

I kneel beside him. Take his hand. “If it’s not him we’ll keep hunting. OK? If it is, then he gets what he deserves.”

“Don’t kill him Trev.”

“We’ll see. Depends on him.” Frowning. Plan is to kill him slow. But if Del doesn’t want that. “We’ll see.”

It grows dark. We wait.

Monday, September 5, 2016

(17) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir


I feel someone shaking me. Del. He holds my cell out to me. Taking it. Listening. Smiling tightly at what my friend tells me.

Looking a Del when I’m done. “How are you feeling?”

He smiles a bit. “Better. I’m starving though.”

“Wait here, I’ll get you something.”

He starts to protest. Nods then. “Did you…”

“I might have found him. Let me get you something to eat first, then I’ll tell you.”

Twenty minutes later. He’s eating. I’m talking, eating too.

“I found where he had you. There was evidence there that a friend of mine came and looked for. He knows his stuff and came up with a possible name. I’m going to check it out.”

“Not without me.” Del looks at me. Determined.

Sighing. “I guess it’s okay. But you do what I tell you. Understand? If I say stay you stay, run, you run.”

“Yes sir.” He smiles slightly. Salutes.

“Smart ass kid.” Shaking my head.

“My saving grace.” He smiles again.

Tossing my trash and his. Looking at him then. “Del, why?”

“Why am I a whore? Long story, Trev, that maybe someday I’ll tell you.”

My turn to smile. “I’ll take you up on that.” Standing. “Oh hell. Hang on.”


I chuckle. “I think you need more than my shirt. Give me your key.”

“I don’t carry it. It’s on top of the door frame.” He nods when I frowned. “I know, but it’s safe there, really. You’ll see.”

Take his word for it. Go down. Feel along the frame. Chuckle. It’s stuck under something that feels like gum. Wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t known it was there. Get his cloths. Replace the key.

He goes to the bathroom. To dress.

I grab my sword from where I hide it. Just in case. Put on my coat.

Del joins me. We leave.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

(16) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

I really do have my ways to find people. Well, usually Vampyres, but they work for this too. I talk to a man who knows a man. Talk to him. After twenty minutes of checking he gives me a name and a number.

I make a call. Arrange a meeting. Money talks. I have plenty. Wouldn’t know it I know, from how I live. But that’s neither here nor there right now.

At a coffee shop. The man sees me. Signals. We talk. I get an address. He gets his payment. Asks how Del is. I tell him he’s alive. He offers to drive me where I want to go. What the hell. Saves shoe leather.

Ten minutes later he drops me off. Leaves.

The building’s older. Offices. Some vacant, others in use during the day. I check them all. None was the one Del was in. Basement. Shows the effects of the hurricane. Stinks of mold, though humans might not smell it. There. I see the hook lying on the floor. The reek of blood almost overpowers that of the mold.

Circle the room. All senses probing. For once glad of the powers that are part of my heritage. I know his face. I need more. Under the odors, one more. Faint. His. His sweat, his blood. Now I know why he wore gloves when I saw him. Search more. A broken piece of wood in a corner. Blood soaked at one end. Leave it alone for now.

Follow his trail from the building. As if I was a dog. Chuckling at the thought. Not on hands and knees but still I can trace him. Track him to the side of the building. His car was here. Kneeling. Footprint. Tire tracks. Stand and place a call. To an old friend. Don’t ask.

I wait.

When he arrives I show him. He nods. Kneels. He knows his business. Forensics. Soon he has what he needs. I take him inside. He collects more. Blood. Del’s and, I hope his assailant’s. The piece of wood. Tells me he’ll get back to me as soon as possible.

So I wait again. Back in my room now. Del is still sleeping. I empty my pockets onto the table. Lay next to him. Not touching. Drifting off to sleep.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

(15) Trevor Wallace – Dhampir

Del tells me, “When he was hitting me, I felt the hook give a couple of times, so I pulled on it and it moved some more but not enough. I did the only thing I could think of. Jumped up, tucked my legs in and let my full weight hang on it. Fuck it hurt when it came free and I fell on the floor. I think I passed out for a bit. But I came to again, found my shirt and shorts. I managed to put them on and then crawled to the door. He must have thought he had nothing to worry about 'cause it was unlocked.”

“You crawled out of there?” I look at him.

“I was able to stand up, barely, once I knew I was free. Made my way out of the building and got lucky. There was a cab going by and he stopped for me.” Del chuckles. “He spread his jacket on the seat so it wouldn’t get bloody. He said he could replace the jacket easier than the seat’s upholstery. He was nice really. Didn’t ask questions other than if I wanted to go to the hospital. I told him to bring me home. He helped me inside and wouldn’t take any money. Not that I had any, so that was just as well. When he left I collapsed again and crawled to where you found me.”

For the first time in forever I'm angry at someone other than me. Angry at him. The bastard that did this to Del.

“You’re going to stay here,” I tell Del.

“No. I’m okay, Trev. I hurt like hell still but I’ll be all right. I can’t stay here.” He looks around. “This ain’t exactly a suite,” he says, laughing.

“You’re staying. Don’t argue. I think the man who did this to you was here earlier.”

“Oh, God.”

He’s shaking again. I give his hands a squeeze. “I’ll take care of him for you. Do you know where he took you?”

He shakes his head. Then says, “The cabbie might, but I don’t know. And how would you find him anyway?”

I smile. “I have my ways.” Stroking his hair then. “You take your pills and sleep some more. And Del, I’m not leaving 'til you swear to me you’ll stay right here 'til I get back.”

After a minute. “I swear,” he says softly. “Trev, I need the bathroom.”

I help him there. Leave him. Give him his pills when he comes out. Watch as he takes them. He lies on the bed. I cover him with the sheet. He lifts a hand. Touches my cheek. “Thank you.” Whispered.

I nod. Wait 'til he’s asleep.

Leave to search for a bastard. A human one this time.