Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Colors of Hate - 64

“Where..?” Dean gasped out, breaking the kiss to ask, and to regain his breath.

“Top drawer.”

Dean found the lube, and the condoms. He tore one open, sheathing Kirby. Squeezing a good amount of lube onto his fingers he straddled him. Then, with a wicked gleam in his eyes as he saw Kirby watching lustfully, he thrust one finger into his own hole, then a second one, readying himself.

“If you don’t hurry that up,” Kirby groaned.

“Needy much?” Dean bent to kiss him again.

“For you? For me to be inside of you? Very…” Kirby whispered against his lips.

With a nod, Dean squeezed more lube on to his fingers, spread it over Kirby’s erect cock and positioned himself. He bit his lip against the sharp pain as he took him in, pausing until it became bearable. Slowly he lowered himself until Kirby’s cock was fully inside him, his eyes locked on Kirby’s the whole time.

“So perfect,” Kirby groaned, his hands gripping Dean’s hips.

"Please mean that," Dean barely whispered as he moved faster, ignoring the flashes of pain until pleasure began to override them. Soon Kirby was thrusting up in time to Dean's movements, one hand wrapped tightly around Dean’s cock. “I’m going to…” Dean gasped out and then his orgasm overwhelmed him.

Kirby’s followed moments later as he called out Dean’s name, his whole body shuddering from the force of his climax. When Dean collapsed onto his chest, Kirby wrapped his arms around him, holding him tightly until they both came back to reality.

“Fantastic,” Kirby murmured, kissing Dean’s temple. Seconds later a low moan from Dean made Kirby realize he was still battered and bruised. Something neither of them had considered in the throes of their passion. He unwrapped his arms and carefully eased Dean off and onto his back. “Don’t move,” he told him before sitting up. “Where are your meds?”

“I’m okay,” Dean protested, although it was evident from the look on his face he was hurting.

With a shake of his head Kirby was on his feet. He spotted the pill bottle through the open bathroom door and went to get it, disposing of the condom at the same time. Filling a glass with water, he returned to help Dean sit up, put two pills in his hand and gave him the water.

“Last time until you’re in better shape,” Kirby told him.

After swallowing the pills Dean grumbled, “Don’t I get some say in that?”   

“Nope.” Kirby placed a light kiss on his lips then drew back to study him. “How are the ribs?”

“Fine, if I don’t breathe,” Dean said with a quirky smile.

“Dean…” Kirby growled, “I’m serious.”   

“They’re much better and that’s the truth, I swear.”

“All right. I want you to get some sleep.”

“Only if you do too. You’ve had more than a long day.”

“Which ended just as I wanted it to—with you.” Kirby waited until Dean was lying down again then slid in behind him, one hand resting lightly on his chest.

“Mmm, nice,” Dean said drowsily as the meds kicked in. “Be here when I wake up?”

“Planning on it.” After placing a gentle kiss on the nape of Dean’s neck, Kirby added, “Every morning if I have my way.”

“I like that id..”

Kirby chuckled, realizing Dean was sound asleep now. “Me too,” he replied. “Me too.”  

The End


  1. Awweeee so sweet and hot! Sniffing because I have to say goodbye to Kirby and Dean. Thank you for the amazing characters and their story

    1. I'm so happy you liked the story. Stay tuned for a new, and very different one beginning Thursday.