Tuesday, August 16, 2016

(7) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

“Thought you were a tourist,” I mutter under my breath as I watch the woman.

I’ve been trolling the Quarter. Keeping a watch out for my enemies. One lives here—Vik—but him I know. For now we have an uneasy truce. But rumor has it that there is a pair that has chosen this area as their hunting grounds. The Quarter and further north around the cemeteries. Vampyres are usually territorial, so these two are probably sire and fledgling. Explains their hunting together.

While I'm looking, I spot a woman I’ve known in, as they say, the ‘Biblical’ way. In other words I screwed her a couple of times. Assumed she was a tourist but you know what they say about assuming.

Now she’s sitting at a table close to the open doors of a club on Bourbon. Sipping a beer on and off as she listens to the music. Still plain, nothing eye-catching, but nice enough that I think of approaching her again.

I lean on the wall of a building across the street. Eyes flitting between her and the passing crowds. Not really looking for a fuck tonight but not against having one either if my search doesn’t net me my prey.

I see movement down the street. Okay, oxymoron or whatever you call it. There’s always movement on Bourbon. But this particular sighting can’t be seen by anyone but me. Dhampir power as I think I’ve explained before. One Vampyre, old, not ancient. Look around for his partner. Spot him further down. Time to play hide and follow. Hope they lead me to where they rest during the day.

Sometimes this job is a fucking pain, because now that I can’t pick her up, I really want that chick. The not so cute one that’s in the bar. Cursing under my breath at inconsiderate Vampyres I push off the wall to follow.

Second star on the right, straight on 'til Never Never Land. Or some such.

Following the Vampyres actually, and not to some mythical land. Just to wherever they sleep. I hope. They’re crafty bastards but that’s a given. Not sure they know I’m here. They shouldn’t but as I said, one’s older. Not ancient but no youngster either.

Through the Quarter. If they had been hunting, I was too late to stop them. Damn it! They’re heading north. Maybe to St. Louis #1, maybe not. A bit too obvious, even for one of them. And a pair? No.

Veering off. Heading east. The park? They don’t strike me as the camping out sort. Not the way they’re dressed. But then there are a couple a buildings there. Anything’s possible. Especially in this park that still hasn’t really been totally cleaned up since the hurricane, from the look of it.

Gotta give them points for ingenuity. Observing from a distance as they begin to circle one of the buildings. I know they’re making sure no one’s watching. Bit early for them to be heading to their resting place but maybe they’re well fed. Bastards.

I circle with them. Then, in a split second, they're gone. I note the place. Tomorrow. Killing time. Tonight, what’s left of it, return and see if the young lady’s still there. If so I just might get lucky again.


  1. Scouting is always a good idea before hunting anything! I am enjoying this immensely.

    1. I'm glad you are. I like it when someone likes what I write.