Sunday, August 14, 2016

(6) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

Bastard Vampyre’s not here. But he’ll be back. He has his house here.

So, to kill time, I hunt for another of the damned creatures.

Strange. Interesting. I see a Vampyre who doesn't seem to be hunting. Not sure why.

I’m heading into an alley. Shortcut from A to B. Ahead of me is the non-hunter. And another Vampyre. They're fighting each other. A battle royal, with swords no less. Wasn’t aware they were weapons of choice for many besides me.

The one, the dark-haired one, finally prevails and the other Vampyre turns to dust. Finally aware that I’m there, the winner salutes me. Walks away.

Hell if I know.

Ashes, dust. Guess it doesn’t really matter as long as that’s all that’s left. But the dark-haired one. Why do I have the feeling he’s one of the good guys? He’s not Dhampir.  He's Vampyre. Of that I’m sure. But whoever heard of a good Vampyre. Not me. Maybe a feud between them. Works for me, I guess. One less Vampyre works, no matter the reason.

Still, I follow him to his lair. Leave it at that for now. I have to go after the one I'm looking for. His house is still empty when morning comes. But he’ll return, of that I’m sure.

* * * *

I finally run into the feuding Vampyre—as I think of him—again. Turns out that's exactly what he is. Sort of. His name is Vik, and it seems the one he dusted tried to kill his lovers. Yeah. Two of them. Of course, as far as I'm concerned they're his ghouls, but he calls them lovers. Semantics, I guess. Anyway, we talk and, hell, he figures out what I am and doesn't seem to care. Yeah, he tries to convince me he isn't evil. That he feeds, but from bagged blood. I tell him if I catch him feeding from a human… He gets the message.

I leave the Vampyre’s house, stopping only long enough to assure his lovers he's still alive.

Why didn’t I kill him then and there when I had the chance? Hell if I know.

I will say, that Vampyre has a way with words, I’ll give him that. Do I believe half of what he said? Not really. But I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. Till I can work some of what he told me through my mind. Figure out if any of it’s true or not.

One thing he talked about I know for a fact is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on a gullible species to keep them subjugated—be they human or otherwise. Love.

Lovers, yes. There are plenty of them out there. Clinging to each other so they have a safe sex partner. Someone to help raise the kids they might produce by accident or design in the process. But there’s not a one of them that wouldn’t walk away in a heart beat if something better came along. Lovers, but no love.

Women especially are known for that. Sucker you in by flaunting their bodies. Or pretending to conceal them to make you wonder what’s there. Look at the ones trolling along Bourbon. Or any other street of its kind in any city in the world. Pay them enough they’ll do anything you want. Except give a damn.

There isn’t a female out there that won’t take a man for all she can get. Enslave him with her wiles. Make him need her. Make him think she’s a femme fatale and an angel all rolled up in one. And then use him till she’s drained him dry. Women are just Vampyres, only in a nicer package.

And we know how I feel about Vampyres. Too bad I can’t deal with women the way I do with them. But the law sorta frowns on that. Ask Bundy. So I fuck them and move on.

Speaking of which. That one looks ready and willing. And I could use some tension release after the night I’ve had.


  1. Hhuuummmm love it! But thinking the Fued and him may need to back each other up? Hhuuummmm see what you did got me thinking and that is dangerous

    1. Uh oh. LOL Time will tell if that happens or not.