Friday, August 12, 2016

(5) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

Not in New Orleans tonight. Another city, another time zone. Same prey.

Dark. Duh. The Vampyres only come out then. I only hunt then. Another ‘duh’ statement.

This one’s cagey. Seems to know someone’s after it. Me. But it doesn’t know it's me. Stays invisible. Seeking a victim.

I stalk, closing in. It senses me. Turns, looking. Puzzled.

“Dhampir?” it asks.

“Yes,” I answer. Closing in, sword in hand.

It vanishes.

Older one, I know that now. Too late for tonight. But I’ll get it. Him.

Next night. Same thing, searching, finding. This time more careful. Send in a second pair of eyes. A rat that I control easily. Follow it at a distance as it follows the Vampyre. Watching through its eyes.

The creature finds a victim. Lures her to a killing spot. As he bites, feeds, she writhes in pleasure. I sense, smell her arousal. His concentration is on her. Hers on him. Mine on my sword as I draw it. Then on where I will use it first.

Move in stealthily. He screams as I slash the blade down his back. Blood wells out through the gash in his shirt. Whirling he attacks, nails ripping at me, his strength despite the wound immense. But he begins to weaken even as he tears flesh from my arms. Silver sword. His wound won’t heal.

Despite pain, I grip the sword in both hands, thrusting up as he forces me to the wall. Almost disemboweling him. He doubles over, clutching his gut, trying to hold himself together. The sword flashes down.

I watch as his head rolls. Plunge the sword into his heart. Smile in victory as his body turns to ashes.

The girl, his victim, watches in horror. Trembling, crying. Until I take over her mind. Change her memories. The bites on her throat from the Vampyre’s feeding almost healed. Lead her back to a safer place. Watch her walk away. One less victim of the bastards I hunt.

Now to rest, perhaps find someone to keep me company before I do. And then back to New Orleans. I have business there.