Monday, August 8, 2016

(3) Trevor Wallace - Dhampir

“Stupid bitch,” Muttered as I watch the Vampyre in his tail suit and flowing cape lure the buxom blonde down a long, torch-lit corridor to his lair.

Why the hell am I watching this? Boredom I guess. It’s not quite dark yet. I have time to kill. A bad movie can help. But who writes this dreck? I’ve yet to meet one of the creatures dressed like that. Wait, I take that back. There was one.

Long story shortened. Heard about this particular Vampyre from a guy I’d screwed a couple of times. Punk wannabe into pillow talk. Bane of my existence but in this case it paid off. Told me about how one of his friends had changed recently. Real pale, loosing weight, didn’t want to hang out like he used to. The dude put it down to anorexia. Said it was 'cause this guy had a new man. Probably wanted to impress him by loosing a couple of extra pounds and overdid it.

I perked up. Not that way, though he was good in the sack so it wasn’t unthinkable. But right then I was more interested in this man his friend had met. He told me I could probably see him that weekend. Some grand opening bash. Fancy-yancy thing. Knew his friend was going to it with his new man.

So I rented a tux, the whole nine-yards. Did it up right, and went partying. There he was, easy to spot. Dressed to the nines like I said, the twink hanging on his arm. He was an older one. Sensed my presence. Shucked the twink then headed out. Most damn Vampyres are cowards when it comes to dealing with my kind.

I caught up with him easily. Laughed when he tried to enter my mind and stop me. Not doable—not to a Dhampir. He tried the usual tricks to escape. Went invisible, like that would fool me. Dhampir here, we can see them even then.

Short and sweet now. Killed the bastard. Was tempted to cop his cape. It was classy, but bloody. Not worth the bother to get dry-cleaned. They ask too many questions or look at you strange and call the cops.

That was my one and only run-in with a stereotypical movie Vampyre. Gotta give some writers creds though. Occasionally they get it almost right. Now if only humans would believe.

Movie’s over now. Time to go hunting.


  1. it! Movies aren't my thing I rather read

    1. This is Trev. Movies are mindless time-killers. LOL