Friday, July 15, 2016

The Colors of Hate - 55

“All right, here’s the gist of what’s going on.” Dean paced the rehearsal room. The assembled people—about half the company, including Carrie and Jim—listened intently. “The TV interview I did a couple of days ago did not sit well with my father and his followers.”

“Big surprise there,” one of the actors muttered.

“Exactly. My father paid me a visit then returned home. That much I know for certain, thanks to the police. However there are two CVA members still lurking around. One is the man some of you saw dancing with Angela at the club the night she was murdered. That part’s neither here nor there at the moment. What is, is the fact that I’ve received threats from him because of my interview.”

“What can we do to help?” Tayla asked in concern.

“Do you need a safe place to stay?” another actor asked.

Dean shook his head. “At the moment I’m all right as far a housing goes. The thing is, I have to get these men to come after me, and it has to be here in the theater. Anything else, according to the police, would smack of a set up.”

“Why don’t the cops just arrest them, if you know they’re the ones who are threatening you?” someone called out.

Dean chuckled. “Apparently there’s this small thing called proving it. It’s one thing to know it’s them, but they’re smart enough not to leave any real evidence behind.”

“Do you have a plan, or is that why we’re here?” Jim asked.

“I’ve got a vague plan. I want to make a very public announcement about an organization that wants me to be their ‘face’ as they counter all the lies the CVA and other such groups are propagating. And before anyone asks, this isn’t for real but I need to make it sound as if it is.”

“You can make the announcement after the show tonight,” Tayla suggested.

One of the actors shook his head. “Too soon. They’d hear about it and then just go after him somewhere else. We need to let it out that the announcement is coming up. Play it up to get as much publicity as possible.”

“Good point,” Jim said. “Okay, what about a slash banner across the posters out front. Something like, ‘Dean Travers will make a major announcement about the CVA and his plans for the future after the performance on Friday evening’.”

Frank nodded. “We can do that. Plus, we’ve got a new ad for the show that's going into the newspaper Friday morning. I’ll see to it the information about your ‘announcement’ is added to it Dean. If these men haven’t done anything before then, it could give them the final push.”


  1. We getting ready to rruummmbblleee! Lol! Those people filled with hate won't know what hit them! Thank for the pick me up!