Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Colors of Hate – 9

“You need to talk with me?” Dean asked. “I wasn’t at the club last night.”

“We’d still like your input about Ms Westcott if you don’t mind.”

“Sure.” Dean hesitated before taking a seat. “What do you want to know?”

“To begin with, your sister said Ms Westcott came on to you and you rejected her advances.”

“What’s that got to do with anything? It’s true, but I hardly think it’s relevant to her murder.”

Unconsciously Dean touched the bruise on his cheek, which didn’t escape Reid’s notice. “Just a guess, but did she hit you, or slap you, when you turned her down?”

Dean winced, dropping his hand quickly into his lap. “I suppose I should be truthful.”

“It would be a good idea, especially if she told anyone else about it.”

“Then yes, she did. She packs a punch.” He laughed ruefully. “I’m afraid I asked for it though. I told her I didn’t like her. I said that my having her come in to try on her costumes so often was because she couldn’t lay off the food and drink, not because I had a ‘thing’ for her.”

Reid snorted. “Oh that was tactful.”

“I know, but I was tired of her throwing herself at me. She definitely was not my type.”

Reid was tempted to ask what his type was but knew it wasn’t germane to the conversation or the investigation. So he switched topics. “Why weren’t you at the Red Moon last night? It seems as if almost everyone else in the company was.”

“Partly because I knew she would be there. But more because I had things to do. Job related things, since our first dress rehearsal was today. Or is today actually, once you finish with us.”

“Do you know if there was anyone here who might have been interested in her and been rejected?”

Dean chuckled. “I honestly doubt she’d turn down anyone who might have wanted to date her. As to who might have turned her down, other than me, I really have no idea. She was dating my sister’s boyfriend when we first joined the company, but he broke it off once he realized he was much more interested in Carrie.”

“How did Ms Westcott take that?”

“As far as I know she must have been okay with it. She certainly moved on quickly enough. There was a cute guy on the scenery crew that she went after. I think they went out for a while and then she was looking—again.”

“She doesn’t seem to have been too lucky with men,” Kirby put in.

“She was…pushy I guess. Controlling might be a better word, and clingy. That would get tiresome after a while, I’d think.”

“It does,” Reid agreed. “So, what else can you tell us about her?”

“Me? Nothing more than I have already. Other than having to design costumes for her for whatever show she was in, and doing fittings, I rarely if ever had any contact with her. I’m not big on the ‘let’s hit up a bar after work’ thing, which she was. Well as half the company is at times, to tell the truth.”

“All right. If you do think of anything else, please let us know. For now, you’re free to go.”


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    1. -grinning- I think it's rubbing two sticks together, if you're trying to start a fire.