Monday, April 18, 2016

The Colors of Hate – 11

“So what do we know?” Reid said as he and Kirby left the theater.

“Ms Westcott was a predator as far as men go, a good actress, and quite frankly not too well liked by the majority of the people we talked to. Not hated, but not someone they particularly wanted to hang out with, even though they did.”

“No one seems to have a motive for killing her, and certainly not that viciously.”

“Agreed. Leads might have been upset if he thought she was going to go off with the man she was dancing with, but I’d presume he’s seen her with a lot of other men and done nothing, so why would he suddenly blow up now.”

“Carrie Travers had a bit of a set-to with her, but it certainly doesn’t sound like anything major. More of a flash of worry that Mr Eckert might have responded to Ms Westcott’s come-on due to their past history, would be my guess.”

“Yep. And I think we can pretty well eliminate Mr Travers.”

Reid cocked an eyebrow. “He did have that fight with her, or her with him.”

“He wasn’t the least bit interested in her so why kill her? I’m surprised he didn’t just tell her and be done with it.”

“From what he said, he did.”

Kirby shook his head, smiling with amusement. “Sometimes Reid you are so dense. Mr Travers’s is gay. I don’t think he’s out to the people he works with. In fact, I’d be willing to bet he isn’t, which considering they’re theater people is surprising, but he is gay.”

“You’re gaydar at work again?”

“That and the fact I saw him at a club a couple of months ago. Luckily he didn’t recognize or remember me.”

“Which devastates you,” Reid said with a laugh.

“Not in the least and you know it. The fewer civilians who know I’m gay the better. I do not want to be the poster boy for ‘Gay Cop’ of the year.”

“Yeah, I know. Come on, poster boy; let’s go see what John dug up, if anything.”