Friday, February 12, 2016

Hunted – 40

“We’re not going to let that happen, Brice,” Skye said firmly. “It’s three against one, plus my brain-power. He’ll be an unhappy camper when he does show up in person.”

“Like the three of you are going to be around twenty-four/seven to stop him,” Brice muttered.

“I’ll be here, and wherever else you go,” Faolán told him.

Brice looked at him in surprise. “You’re serious?”

Faolán shrugged. “Sure. It’s not like I’ve got anything pressing I have to do. I could be…a personal security guard maybe? In case anyone asks.”

“Wouldn’t that raise some questions?” Skye asked.

Brice shook his head ruefully. “Not with my reputation. Most people will probably be surprised I haven’t had one long before this, once they think about it.”

Skye chuckled. “That’s quite true. Especially if what I’ve read in the scandal sheets is even a quarter right.”

“Okay, so we have a reason for Faolán to be around,” Logan said. “Now how do we, or what do we do to force this, what’s his name, Maximus, to make his move?”

“Just my being with Brice might be enough.” When Logan looked at him in question Faolán said, “He’s got no love for me either. His ego would almost require that he deal with the both of us together, just to prove that he’s alpha enough to do so.”

“Is there any chance he’s got others with him as back-up?” Skye asked.

Faolán gave a sharp shake of his head. “I doubt it. Again, his ego wouldn’t let him ask for help.”

“Besides, he’d have to explain why he wanted to deal with me after all these years,” Brice added. “If I were still hanging around the pack’s territory trying to make trouble, it would be one thing. But I’m not and I haven’t been anywhere close to there since I ran.”

Skye looked puzzled. “Why don’t you just go back and tell the others what he’s doing and why, Brice?”

“First off, they’d kill him before he got a chance to open his mouth,” Faolán told her. “Maximus has demonized him to the point that even the mention of his name will raise everyone’s hackles, literally.”

“Because he’s gay. That’s unbelievable.” Skye’s voice was filled with disgust.

“Pack mentality, dear girl,” Logan replied. “Procreation is one of the prime objectives, in order to keep the pack alive and viable. A gay male is looked on as less than dirt because he can’t or won’t mate with a female.”

“This Maximus has, from what you said.”

“Well he’s not really gay. I’m not even sure he’s bi. I think he just likes the fact that he’s got the power to make a lesser pack male bow to his will—and in his eyes fucking them and abusing them it the ultimate power play.”

“Why the hell hasn’t someone had the guts to tell the pack what he’s up to?” Skye growled.

“He’s the alpha, Skye.”

“And so?”

“To be, and remain, the alpha he’s had to fight anyone who challenges him for the position. He’s never lost or even come close to loosing. He’s that strong.”

“Damn,” she whispered. “And we’re going up against him?”

“You aren’t,” Logan said firmly. “And we aren’t either if we can figure out some way to stop him without a fight.”

“Call the humane society and ask for a live animal trap,” Brice said with a small grin. “They work for feral dogs.”

The others laughed, all except Logan who looked thoughtful.

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