Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hunted – 34

While Logan and Skye were at the restaurant eating supper, Brice stood across the street from his building, staring up at the lit window in his condo as he tried to remember if he’d turned the light off before he’d left that morning.

He had returned to his car the same way that he’d left, by teleporting. With a bit of trepidation he started it, even though his common sense told him that if his stalker had wanted him dead he wouldn’t have left the note. When the engine turned over and the car didn’t blow up, he let out a huge sigh of relief before he left the parking garage.

As he drove down the street that fronted his building he’d glanced up at his place, saw the light, then kept driving until he found a parking lot two blocks away that had an attendant on site. He walked back to his building, and now had to make the decision. Did he presume he’d just forgotten to turn off the light and walk blithely into his condo, or did he take the sensible route, even though it made him look like a wuss, and have the building security guard go up with him, just in case.

I can just teleport away if there’s a problem, he reminded himself. With that thought in mind he crossed the street, entered the building and took the elevator up to his floor. Then, cautiously, he walked to his door. The scent of wolf came to him as he inserted the key in the lock. He hesitated, sniffing the air. The scent was unfamiliar. Not Logan’s, not the one left in his car by his stalker. Screw this, grow a pair. He unlocked the door and entered his home.

A man stood at the window. He turned to look at Brice, nodded, and held his hands away from his sides as he bowed his head, his thick, dark auburn hair hiding his face for a moment. It was as close to a submissive stance a human could perform, short of physically groveling.

Brice watched tensely as he asked, “Who are you, why are you here, and how the hell did you get inside?” He understood the man’s posture but wasn’t ready to believe it just yet.

“My name is Faolán. I’m here because, like you, I was the victim of Maximus’s attentions, although much more recently.”

Brice closed the door then leaned against it, arms crossed over his chest. “Why should I believe you?” 

“You shouldn’t of course, even though it’s the truth. You were his first victim. I doubt I’m the last. I was a mere pup when you took off…”

“I didn’t take off,” Brice interjected angrily. “I was forced to leave by the rest of the pack because of what I am.”


  1. Good goddess you are such a brilliant writer!

    1. Aww, thank you for saying that. Not sure I'm brilliant. LOL