Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hunted – 20

“When that happens,” Brice said to Logan, echoing Noah's explanation, “I call Noah. He’s a trained Dom who knows how to help me…unwind.”

Logan snorted. “You’re trying to tell me that a macho man like you is willing to submit to someone like Noah? And on top of that there’s no sex involved. As if.”

“It’s the truth, whether you believe it or not.”

“Well maybe Kief will believe that crock of shit, he’s in love with Noah, but I’m not so stupid. You are something else, Mr. Davies. You’ve got that we’re innocent of anything look down pat. But then you would, wouldn’t you, since you’re an actor.”

“Damn it,” Brice growled, “that’s the way it is between us. Yeah we keep it secret. Hell I keep my…the fact that I’m gay, secret. I’d be out of a job like that,” he snapped his fingers, “if it came out, especially considering the role I play on the show.”

“That’s not all you’re keeping secret,” Logan muttered under his breath.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

* * * *

“I promise you nothing physical happens between us,” Noah said quietly. “He likes, well he needs to submit, to be tied up, to be punished. But the only---sex I suppose you could call it, that’s involved is when I tell him he can come.”

Kief watched him doubtfully at first, but there was something in Noah’s eyes, a sincerity, which began to make him believe Noah’s words were the truth. Finally he said with a tiny trace of amusement, “I never would have pictured you as a Dom. Not even after all the time we’ve been together.”

“Just because I can be doesn’t mean I want to. It’s a job, nothing more. A way to make a bit of extra money.”

That had Kief frowning again. “How many?”

“Two. Only two. Brice and a man who owns one of the larger businesses in the city.” Noah smiled slightly. “No, I’m not telling you who.”

“And you swear that it’s not sexual as far as your involvement is concerned.”

“Well…” Noah essayed a bit of a grin. “It does make me horny, yeah, but then I come home and here you are and…”

Kief scowled. “So I’m your release from your games with them?”

“Hell no! Damn. I didn’t mean it to sound that way.” Noah ran a hand through his hair. “Kief, we have a good thing going between us, or I think we do. That’s why I never told you about this.”

“A good thing would have meant some honesty from you,” was Kief’s muttered reply.

“And if I’d told you..?”

“I’d probably have thrown a hissy fit,” Kief admitted reluctantly.

“Exactly.” Noah watched Kief’s face as he asked, “Is this going to mess things up between us, now that you know?”

Kief chewed his lip. “I…”

“Just kiss him, that should tell you,” Skye suggested. “Yes, I’m still here.” She smiled when they both turned in surprise. “So kiss and see.”

Noah nodded, cupped Kief’s face gently, waiting for him to pull away and when he didn’t he kissed him.

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