Monday, December 28, 2015

Hunted - 17

“You’re kidding. You got laid off? Damn, Logan,” Kief said. “So what now?”

“Start job hunting again come Monday. At least I’ve got a good recommendation from my ex boss, which should help.”

“Yeah it should.” Kief tapped his fingers on his thigh. “Let me ask around. If you really know what you’re doing I might be able to give you a couple of places to start with.”

“Thanks. It would help. Hell, I’ll work cheap as long as I get paid something.”

Kief frowned. “Are you going to be stuck now, as far as paying the rent? I bet Skye would put in a good word with her mother, if you need her to.”

“Naw I’m good for the time being.” Logan leaned his head back on the sofa and closed his eyes. “Did I tell you I met wolfman?”


“Yeah, you know, the guy on that TV program you guys like, the vampire one.”  

“Seriously? Where? How?”

“That house I was working on is his.”

“Whoa! Sweet. Of course he might not be on the show any more. They killed him off last week, off screen even. Skye says she’s going to write and protest.” Kief laughed. “She was really pissed.”

“Guess that explains why he was hanging around there sometimes.” Logan chuckled. “So he and I might be in the same boat.”

“That’s pretty rich company to share a boat with,” Kief told him with a laugh.

“I think I’ll pass,”

“A pain in the ass?”

“No, he’s okay I guess. Just…nosy. Guess he figured since he’s a somebody it gave him the right to pry, for whatever reason. That’s past history though. Right now I’m going to clean up and go grocery shopping. Eating out is off the menu—at least for the time being.”


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    1. Thanks. Now you just have to have the patience to check back here every other day to keep reading the story. LOL

  2. Patience is not one of my virtues! LOL

    1. Mine, either. I keep wanting to post the whole story in one shot. But... That will not happen. LMAO.