Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hunted - 16

“I’m sorry, Logan, but we’re over budget and with the economy the way it is, I’m going to have to let you, and a couple of the other short-term men, go as of tomorrow evening,” Morgan said. “I wish it was different. You’re a damned fine worker. I’ll give you a good recommendation of course, so finding another job should be easy.”

“Thanks,” Logan replied with a sigh. At least he had some money to tide him over while he hunted for other employment, but it was going to be tight. He wondered if he should just leave the city—move on to somewhere new. But common sense said things probably wouldn’t be better anywhere else, and he at least had a few friends now for moral support.

It didn’t help his mood at all when he turned and saw Brice walking down the hall toward them. He excused himself and stepped past Morgan. He intended to make his escape down the back stairs and leave the two men to their business. After all, that was undoubtedly why Brice was up here—to talk to Morgan. Thus, when he heard Brice call his name he was surprised.

Logan turned to ask testily, “Come to say goodbye, Mr. Davies?”

Brice frowned. “Goodbye?” He looked at Morgan then back at Logan.

“Yeah. Seems I’m not needed around here any more.”

Again Brice looked at Morgan, this time in question.

“I have to let three men go Mr. Davies if I’m going to stay within budget,” Morgan told him.

As much as he was tempted to put his foot down and tell Morgan to keep Logan on ‘or else’ Brice knew it really wasn’t his place to do so. Not if he didn’t want to alienate his contractor. “I understand,” he said instead. “Budgets are budgets. You and you people are doing an excellent job. I just hope this won’t slow things down.”

“It won’t. By the way, as long as you’re up here I need to get your opinion on something.” Morgan started down the hall and Brice had no choice but to follow. A moment later he cast a look over his shoulder and saw that Logan had already left. Now, I have to find some other way to talk to him and that probably won’t be easy.

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