Friday, December 18, 2015

Hunted - 12

Logan glanced at the doorway, then quickly away, when he saw the man from the restaurant standing there. What the hell, was his first reaction, followed by, Not possible.

He heard the man walk away and moved to the door to track his movements.

“That’s the man who owns this place,” one of the other men commented when he noted Logan's interest. “Some actor, or so they say.”

“Yeah,” a second man said. “He plays a werewolf on a TV show. My daughter watches it religiously.”

“Typecasting, according to my wife,” the first man said as he got back to work. “Apparently he’s a real wolf when it comes to chasing the women, and has a temper to match one as well. At least from what she’s read in the scandal sheets.”

Typecasting is right, but not the way you’re thinking, ran quickly through Logan’s mind. If he’d had hackles at that moment, they’d have risen the second he picked up the man’s scent. How the hell..? But he knew how. It was the same way he kept his dual nature a secret---by being careful to the point of paranoia.

Now he had to wonder why the man hadn’t reacted to the fact that he was there. Or perhaps he had. Perhaps that’s why he’d paused at the door for a long minute before moving on. Although, when he considered it, maybe the man had been concealing his dual nature for so long it had dulled his senses. Logan had heard that could happen if a shifter didn’t let his animal side out from time to time. If so, and Logan prayed that was it, the man must have just been checking up on their progress.

* * * *

When Brice returned to his condo he found he couldn’t stay still. The trip to the house, which should have relaxed him, had instead intensified his tension.

Who the hell is he? Why do I feel as if we’ve met somewhere before and not here in the city? Maybe if I knew his name.

That was easily remedied he realized. He quickly placed a call to Morgan. When he answered, Brice described the man in question. Morgan recognized him immediately and after a quick check of his records he gave Brice a name.

So, Logan Fitzgerald, why are you familiar? He knew his thoughts were running in circles. He also knew they wouldn’t stop until he had an answer to the question. And the best way to do that would be to return to the house and hope that Logan would talk to him.

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