Monday, December 14, 2015

Hunted - 10

Logan nodded, then asked something that had puzzled him since Kief had told him he was an interior decorator. “How come, since you all have good jobs, you’re living in what’s essentially a boarding house instead of having your own places?”

“Because my mom owns the house,” Skye replied. “And I’ve known Kief and Noah forever, so when mom decided to turn this into rental units we jumped on the chance to pretty much take over. Mom makes money, we get to live together as friends without other people we don’t know all around us. Make sense?”

“I suppose. But why did she rent to me then?”

Kief laughed. “Her mom’s a sucker for down-and-outers, and no offense but that’s what you come across as. So when you showed up on the doorstep to ask if there were any vacancies, she’d have found one even if she had to make me and Noah share a room.”

“Which wouldn’t have bothered either one of them one bit,” Skye added with a grin.

“Yeah it would have, because we each like our own space at times. But that’s not the point. She’d been talking about maybe turning the front half of the attic into another room to rent but hadn’t gotten around to doing anything more than talk.”

Skye nodded. “So you were a God-send, Logan.”

“Well I haven’t really done much to it…” He stopped when something on the television, which was on but with the sound muted, caught his eye. “I’ve seen him before, about a week ago. He was coming out of a restaurant.”

“Which one, the vampire or the were-wolf?”

“The blonde. He was not happy.”

“Wish I’d been there,” Skye said with a romantic sigh. “I’d have tried to…well…”

“Make him happy?” Kief chuckled.

“Wouldn’t you have, if he was gay?”

Kief shrugged as he watched the actor. “Maybe.”

Logan shook his head. “From the look on his face, you could have walked up to him nude and he wouldn’t have noticed you. He was one seriously pissed off individual.”

“Just like his character, so maybe he was getting into the mood.”

“Who knows?” Logan got up, pleading the need to get out of his work clothes and take a shower, and left the room.

“You do have a way with you, Skye,” Kief commented. “You actually got him to hold a conversation, as short as it was.”

Skye replied, “It’s my innate charm and beauty,” then rolled her eyes when Kief broke out laughing.  

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