Friday, October 9, 2015

Walt Murphy – Part Two – 27

When I arrived at his office on the third floor of the bookstore, Caiazzo greeted me, offered me coffee, which I accepted, and then asked, "How are you and your handsome partner?"

"We're fine. Ricky's moved in with me and…"

We continued talking for a few moments about general things, catching up with each others lives, even though it had only been a week give or take since we last met. Then he asked, "To what exactly do I owe the pleasure of this visit."

"I'm looking for information."

"Why is this not a surprise?" He tented his fingers. "Information about?"

"A man you might know, or know of."

Caiazzo smiled dryly and then, rather than answering directly he said, "I am about to go to lunch at my favorite restaurant. I'd be pleased if you'd join me. You remember where it is I hope."

"I do." I should. The last time I was there I was also in search of information and had to go through a thorough pat-down by two of his associates before he'd deal with me.

"Then we'll meet there and continue our discussion over a good meal."

This time, when I was shown into Caiazzo's private room at the restaurant, I wasn't subjected to a search by his men. Instead I was offered a seat and a glass of wine while we waited for Caiazzo to appear. I took the seat, and declined the wine.

Caiazzo arrived moments later and insisted we order lunch before we got down to business. A waiter appeared as if on cue, we ordered, then he and Caiazzo's people left.

"Now, who is this man you're interested in?" Caiazzo asked, getting down to business. 

"Two men actually, Frank Milano and his father, Amedeo."

He nodded. "I've heard of them. Amedeo seems to have disappeared, although there are no rumors that he's dead. The general consensus is that when he fell out of favor with his capo he decided to retire before someone 'retired' him permanently. As for Frank Milano, he has no mob connections. He went to college, and then got a job down south somewhere for a while. Rumor has it he met a woman, things didn't work out, and he walked away. Last I heard he was”—Caiazzo frowned thoughtfully—"managing a small business in Gary I believe."   

Now that was interesting. Gary was only about a hundred and fifty miles from here. Was it just coincidence that Frank had ended up in the vicinity, so to speak, or had he known that Ms Engel was here? 

"You could have found out this information on your own," Caiazzo said, breaking into my thoughts. "Why come to me?"

"Some of it, yes. Like where Frank is now. But when I found out who his father is I decided to make things easier and talk to you."

Caiazzo smiled dryly. "Even though you know I'm not connected."

I shrugged. "Connected, maybe not, but you have connections and I'd say you keep up with… people."

"When it suits me to. Why this interest in Frank Milano?"

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