Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Walt Murphy – PI – 33

Philips looked over my shoulder and commented, "He doesn't look the least bit familiar."

"To me either," I told him. "Knowing what the two of them look like will, however, let us know if a ringer is sent to make the exchange."

"If that happens," Ricky said, "you'll still be in the dark about which one's behind what's going on."

"I know. Guess I'll have to follow them when they leave."

"They'll be expecting that."

I smirked. "And I always like to live up to people's expectations."

"Walt," Ricky grumbled, "this is not a laughing matter."

"I know." I shut down the computer then leaned back, looking at Philips and Ricky. "I have a little over twenty-four hours to narrow it down to one of them. The question is how. If it's Eber, and at the moment I think he's the more logical candidate since both Williams and Ms Dixon are connected to him”—I paused as a plan slowly formed in my head.

"What?" Ricky asked when I didn't continue.

"If it is him, that means Williams is alive and kicking. I just have to do what Ms Dixon hired me for. Find him. And then get him to admit Eber had him deliver the necklace." I booted up the computer again and went online to a website I often used when searching for missing persons. It had a sophisticated search engine that allowed me to input a name and presumed location and come up with any felons matching that. From there I could narrow it down, since I knew Williams criminal history.

Ricky leaned over my shoulder, watching. "I wonder if you'd find me in there."

I looked up at him, shaking my head. "You were only a suspect in the embezzlement. That doesn't rate you a listing."

"Whew," he replied in relief.

The results came up just then. There were two Hugh Williams with felony convictions in the city. That surprised me slightly since the name wasn't exactly common. It was easy to narrow it down to which one I wanted however since Williams number two had been convicted of grand theft auto.

My Hugh Williams was listed at an address in one of the lower middle-class areas of the city. It also gave his place of employment. Ms Dixon had lied about that, unsurprisingly. Williams worked for a roofing company. A bit of a comedown from what he'd done prior to his arrest and conviction.

I studied the mug shot that accompanied his information. It might or might not have been the same guy in the blurry picture Ms Dixon had shown me. So I asked Philips if it was of the man who'd given him the necklace.

He studied it for a minute and nodded. "Other than the hair. His was darker. But everything else matches, including the ears." 

"Good. I think I'll pay Mr Williams a visit tomorrow morning," I said.

"What if he denies everything?" Philips asked.

"He probably will, but I'm good at reading people. In my business I have to be. Unless he's a consummate liar I'll pick up on things and play it from there."

"Walt does have the intimidation factor going for him," Ricky said, chuckling. "Not that he'd strong-arm Williams," he quickly added when Philips frowned.

"I would hope not." Philips looked hard at me. "You, of all people, should know what that's like and avoid it."

"Yes, daddy."

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