Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Walt Murphy – PI – 5

Next on my agenda—after telling Mr Carmichael I'd be watching his business again tonight, since there had been no action there the last two nights—was to return the calls from the two potential clients.

The first man was the new owner of a small insurance company. He wanted to hire me on an as-needed basis when he thought a client was being less than honest about how their injuries were impacting their lives. We discussed my fees, he agreed to them, and I promised to email him an e-contract to sign. I gave Chelsea the pertinent information she needed and she said she'd get the contract out to him within the hour.

Then I called the second person. The name on the message slip was B. D. Phillips. No business noted, just their asking me to call and a phone number. That probably meant what they needed from me was personal. Hopefully he, or she, Chelsea hadn't indicated which, wasn't a jealous spouse wanting me to spy on their significant other. I had to be really hurting for cash to do that, and thankfully that hadn't been the case in well over a year. 

When my call was answered, a man said, "This is Mr Philips. Thank you for calling me back Mr Murphy." The joys of Caller ID. Not that I cared since this was a business call.

"How can I help you, Mr Philips?"

"I understand from your online ad that you do bodyguard work."

"I do. Would this be business related or personal?"

"I…" There was a long pause before he asked, "May I make an appointment. I'd rather discuss this in person."

"Of course. Why didn't you say you wanted one in your voicemail message?" He'd left the message at eight last night according to Chelsea's notation.

"I wasn't certain I was going to go through with this at that point. Or more that I'd need a bodyguard."

That tweaked my interest. Whatever his problem was, it had to have become more pressing within the last twelve hours. I checked my schedule then told him, "I can see you in an hour, if that works for you."

"It does. Thank you."

After hanging up, I stepped into the waiting area to let Chelsea know I was expecting a visitor, and when. Then I set to work doing background checks for a regular client until Mr Philips showed up.

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