Friday, May 8, 2015

48 - The darkest night will pass…

Kemp had barely finished his last set at the club when Seth was by his side. “We have a problem,” the vampyre said as soon as he knew no one was within hearing range.

“And this is new why? I wish just one night out of the week they’d take a break and sleep in.”

Seth laughed. “For once it's not that kind of problem. We have company and it looks like they might be staying for a while.”

“Hell. Trev?” Kemp felt panic raise. He and Seth had passed the six month mark and Trevor had kept his agreement to sell them the house. What if he’d changed his mind and decided to return to the city? Where would they go then?

“No, not Trev, Leif.”

Kemp sighed in relief before it sank in. “He’s what? Why is he..? Never mind, I’m sure he’ll tell us in detail. Is he at the house?”

“Got it in one, on both. He just showed up and told me he was going to crash with us until he finds a place to rent.”

“Damn bossy big brother. Okay. I guess we can pass on one night of walking the streets, and find out what’s going on with him.”

“I never have figured out, are you the pimp or am I?” Seth bit back a smile as he asked.

Kemp frowned and then he got it. “You of course, I make a much prettier street-walker.” He ducked when Seth took a swipe at him, racing him back to the dressing room so he could change into his jeans and T-shirt.

Not too much later they were entering their house. Leif looked up from the TV show he was watching and jumped up to give Kemp a hug. “I swear, each time I see you you’ve grown up even more.”

“It’s called aging. Something dhampir actually do, though for him it’s slower than a normal human.” Seth commented.

“So I’m abnormal?” Kemp growled.

“You said it, not me.” Seth started towards the kitchen, to give the brothers a few minutes alone.

“No, stick around Seth,” Leif told him. “I know whatever I say to him he’ll tell you anyway, so we’ll just dispense with the middle man here.”

Seth nodded, coming back to flop down in one of the chairs while Kemp and Leif took the sofa.

“So?” Kemp said.

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