Wednesday, May 6, 2015

47 - The darkest night will pass…

“You shouldn’t let him turn you,” Katherine said, moving her gaze from the view of the gardens to Pamela. “Look what happened to me.”

“But you had no choice in the matter, nor did Roque. He did it to save your life. My decision will be freely made.”

“Are you that certain?”

“That it will be my decision alone? Yes. I know and love Rian. We have been married for over twenty years now. He would no more force me to turn than he would suddenly give up his principles about feeding and go on a murderous killing spree.”

Katherine winced slightly, remembering when she’d done exactly that. “I think you believe he wouldn't, but can you ever know for sure? He is a very powerful vampyre.”

Pamela frowned, tapping her nails on the bench. Then she nodded. “I believe it with all my heart because he vowed he wouldn’t. Consider this Katherine. If he was going to force it on me, he would have done so long ago. No, his love is true and he will respect my decision no matter what.”

Smiling sadly Katherine said, “I envy you. I wish I’d been able to have a love as perfect as yours and Rian’s.”

“Sometimes the Fates decree otherwise my dear,” Pamela replied, patting her arm. “And, just occasionally, they take a second look and reweave the threads to change the course of our lives for the better.”

“If you say I should take a lesson from Kemp I’m going to…umm…shoot you? The boys already gave me the lectures before they left.”

Pamela laughed. “I rather thought Seth might. He’s a born romantic.”

“They make a sweet couple.”

“I wouldn’t tell them that. They would probably take umbrage at being called sweet, for a lot of reasons.”

“I know, but you have to admit they are.” Katherine grinned, “Maybe, if I take them up on their offer, I’ll tell them that to their faces just to get a rise out of them.”

“Are you considering it?”

“Perhaps. I think now is the time. I’ve probably worn out my welcome at Alaine’s, no matter what he and Chantal say to the contrary.”

Without hesitation Pamela said, “You’re welcome to stay here. It’s not as if we don’t have room. You could even have one of the smaller houses for yourself.”

“Thank you so much for the offer, but no. If I really am going to try to move on I have to actually do it, not just move from one nest to another.”

Pamela smiled. “And so the Fates begin to reweave your life.”

“Actually, I’m the one doing the reweaving. Because if it’s just the Fates, then I’m helpless to make my own choices and I can’t believe that’s possible.”

“Good for you. And so…” Pamela looked at her, eyebrow arched.

“And so,” Katherine took a deep breath, hoping she was making the right decision and that she really could do it, “I shall stay a week more with your permission, to get things in order, and then move on with my life.”

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