Sunday, April 26, 2015

42 - The darkest night will pass…

“I find it difficult to believe you let him have that horse to ride,” Rian said, scowling at the stableman.

“I’m sorry sir, but he never said a word about not knowing how to ride.”

“He’s right, father. It’s not his fault. I was… I wanted to show Seth I could do it and Nightwind seemed so docile until I actually got on him.”

“Next time, ask,” Rian growled. “Now if I were you, I’d go change. You’re very lucky that you didn’t get torn up as badly as your clothes did.  As for you,” he rounded on Seth, ready to lay into him as well for letting Kemp do something so stupid. One look at the misery on Seth’s face and he changed his mind. “At least you were there to stop the horse, before it took off with Kemp to God knows where.”

“It was all my fault. I teased Kemp into coming for a ride with me, even though he’d told me he was afraid of them.”

“I think,” Pamela said, stepping forward, “that there is enough blame to go around for all three of you. Next time, if there is one, Kemp may use my horse. He’s gelded and quite tractable even with a novice.”

“Yes ma’am,” the stableman said, bowing his head.

“I feel like an idiot,” Kemp muttered.

“As well you should,” Rian told him. “And why are you still standing here? Go, change. Now.”

“Dearest, don’t yell,” Pamela said. “They’ve both learned their lessons. Boys, if you would, please go and do as Rian ‘asked’.” She winked at them. “We’ll meet again for breakfast. It’s you favorite Kemp, stuffed French toast, with kippers and bangers. At least,” she added, “it used to be your favorite.”

“I think I can deal with it.” When Seth looked puzzled Kemp explained that kippers were salted, smoked herring and bangers was just the British term for sausage.

“Even if I could eat, I think I’d pass on the kippers,” Seth said, wrinkling his nose as he tugged Kemp’s hand to get him moving. “We’ll see you later, Sir, and he’ll be spic and span clean by then, I promise.”

“He’d better be,” Rian growled, but he smiled as he watched them leave, kissing his wife’s forehead as she nestled into his arms again.

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