Monday, April 20, 2015

39 - The darkest night will pass…

“Before we go any further, I need to know that you trust me, Seth.” Rian’s gaze fastened on the young vampyre.

“I trust Kemp, he trusts you and,” Seth locked eyes with Rian, “I know that you can not control him so his trust is real, not forced.”

Rian smiled slowly. “Very well put. Perhaps not entirely true as Kemp is my son, and sons are supposed to trust their parents. However Kemp is strong-willed and would not hesitate to tell you if he doubted in me.”

“I’m quite certain he would.” Seth cast a quick glance at Kemp who was sitting across the room, as Rian had asked.

“Now, you understand the premise of what we’re going to do I presume.”

“In theory when I drink your blood, you become my Master and no one will be able to take control of me except you.”

“There are a very few others who could if they were so inclined, but I doubt they’d find you interesting. They are so old that they have become bored with the world and what goes on in it. It would take something catastrophic to make them sit up and take notice.”

“That includes any other Kings?” Kemp asked.

Rian smiled tightly. “I don't believe they would want to test themselves against me. Besides, if they were going to try, it would be you they went after or one of my favored Children.”

Seth frowned. “They could get to him through me though. That’s why I’m willing to do this in the first place. To keep him safe.”

“Which I find quite admirable. You must care for him quite deeply.”

“As much as he cares for me,” Seth replied, smiling at Kemp.

Rian nodded. “You realize if you choose to do this, my power over you will be such that if you hurt Kemp in any way, I shall be able to retaliate in ways you can not imagine.”

Seth stared at him in outrage. “Is that a threat?”

“No,” Rian replied with a brutal smile, “It is a promise.”   

“Father,” Kemp said in protest, “he wouldn’t.”

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