Monday, April 6, 2015

32 - The darkest night will pass…

“Now we’re getting down to the very personal stuff,” Seth commented, “Which is okay by me. I’ve only been in one real relationship before now. He was killed in an artillery bombardment, and died hating me for what I am.”

Kemp saw the pain in Seth’s expression and put an arm around him. “He didn’t know until the end?”

“No. I told him I could save him, but when he found out how he was terrified. He said he’d rather die than become some abomination.”

“I’m sorry,” Kemp told him softly.

“It’s all right. It was a long time ago. If nothing else,” Seth smiled wryly, “I learned never again to have anything to do with humans that way. Not that I ever met one since him that even piqued my interest.”

Kemp did the calculation and said in shock, “A hundred years or more and you haven’t slept with anyone?”

“There was another vampyre about, umm fifty years ago. We thought we had something between us but in the end it didn’t work out.”

“Damn.” Kemp patted Seth’s ass. “I guess that made you a born-again virgin until last night.”

“Yeah, right,” Seth replied, laughing. “What about you? Anyone special other than Owen?”

“Not until now. And before you push it I’ll tell you, I haven’t been nearly as restrained as you when it comes to casual sex.” Kemp ran a hand through his hair. “I wasn’t going to admit to this until much later but… Hell.”

“Spit it out before I begin imagining the worst.”

“I suppose this is the worst. The first time I came down here I, well, I didn’t have any cash so I hitched rides and paid for them with sex,” he blurted out.

Seth nodded as he processed that bit of information. “Only then?” Kemp nodded, not looking at him. “I guess I can understand why you did it. I’m not exactly thrilled but it’s in the past. However”—he gripped Kemp’s chin, forcing him to look at him—“if you ever even think of doing it again I will kill you. Understand?”

“I do. And I never would. Ever.” Kemp smiled slightly. “I guess the fact that it bothers you that much means something.”

“It means, my young dhampir, that this vampyre has no intention of sharing you with anyone else.”

“And that goes both ways.” Kemp pressed against him, wrapping his arms around Seth’s neck. “Kiss me,” he murmured. “And then we’d better get a move on or you’ll get fired.”

Seth did exactly that, kissed him deeply and with feeling, before drawing away, taking his hand. “You’re right, I’d better hurry. Good thing I can move fast when necessary. Like super fast.” He grinned. “I’ll see you at the club after work? We still have to talk about this whole you and the territory thing.”

“I’ll be there, and hopefully on time this time.”

“Better be. I hate worrying.” After pressing a quick kiss to Kemp’s lips Seth vanished.

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